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  1. Stike

    Seat Swap

    Any other pics of the seat install process? I found a set of Tiburon seats today, debating on going back and getting them.
  2. So my switch has six wires instead of three like yours, any ideas what to do with the other three? My car was built 11/70 if that makes a difference.
  3. What did you fabricate the plate the new switch is mounted to out of?
  4. You can use single stage color with a flattening agent to reduce gloss but most of the cars pictured probably are base/clear with a matte/satin clear. The bad thing about matte clear is your spray area pretty much needs to be an OR. With a gloss finish if you get any dust nibs you can sand them out and buff, can't do that with matte. It's just as durable as gloss but the repairability isn't so hot. There's a some other issues with satin clears and are generally regarded as a pain in the ass. Alsa and PPG make something called a soft feel clear that is matte. It's supposed to be fairly forgiving, moreso that regular satin clear but like the name suggests it feels soft, kind of like a rubber ball. You can't spray it over base coat, it will delaminate. It has to be sprayed over a sanded 2K substrate.
  5. I gave the owner of Happy **** (Rex) in Cary an L28 block awhile back. Give him a call. Edited to add- I guess the profanity filter doesn't like the name of the shop. The astericks are hiding the word J a p s.
  6. Tioga. I've know him since elementary school, great mechanic.
  7. Man that was 20 years ago. I was 19 and kind of wild, the memory is a bit fuzzy. I couldn't say for certain if it was hers, it just looks like what I remember. Who was working on your car? I like my usual mechanic but wold love to find someone a bit closer.
  8. I have a 71 and have also I've been curious about fitment of the RB 16 x 8 or even the 17 x 7.5 too. I been searching threads alot but it seems for every person who had no problems there is one who has.
  9. Those RB's look nice. Would the 16x7 or even the 17x7.5 be okay on a stock 240?
  10. Cool Z. There's a chance that Z used to live in Carrboro 20 years ago. I used to know a girl from the Boone-ish area who went to UNC and had a yellow Z that belonged to her father. What shop is looking at the Webers? If someone in a beat green 240 waves at you in town that'd be me.
  11. Dupont sells a product called Flattener(I'm sure PPG and the other companies make similar products) that is added to urethanes to reduce gloss. This would do the trick. I love primer black but not when it gets all chalky and spotty.
  12. Had a new CD deck installed in my 240 yesterday AM and tonight while driving home the deck and my gauge lights died. Got home and checked the fuses, nothing blown. Pulled the deck, that fuse was good. There's a fuse on the hot line of the deck and that was still good too. Anywhere else to look?
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