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  1. got any info on that tach adapter? I'm using the same coils and have been wondering how to set it up..
  2. So I am having a problem trying to understand exactly where the vacuum lines go on my new turbo conversion. Think any of you could lend a hand on how to route these darn lines...?
  3. The FSM shows a picture and all but its really hard to tell. Someone should be able to look and tell me if its one tooth off clockwise.
  4. Does this look right or is it a tooth off?
  5. No I am not using one.. Should I? I can grab 3 or 4 from a JY if need be. What are some good ones to use? Here are some pictures I took tonight of the Dizzy and timing marks. Was wonder if you might be able to help me get the tooth #1 angle. Pretty sure the Drive spindle is off a tooth.
  6. pcv is plugged, all opening have been closed off, I will double check intake TB spacer for leaks. It was idling around 2k with a default tune from the controller, so I will try reloading a default tune and see if that helps.
  7. 280~Master


    So I have been running in circles trying to get this MS3-pro set up and Idling but no luck. When Started, the engine revs to about 4500 to 5000 RPM's and won't fall.. Need some help as this engine build has been ongoing for a year and I'm so close.. Help or any advice would be great. I have included my current tune and my datalog file.. My setup is like this.. F54/P79 stock cam .20 over with Flat top JTR forged race pistons N42 intake non-EGR T4 Turbonetics turbo w/3" Downpipe intercooled with 3" pipe Turbosmart BOV Generic Wastegate 240sx throttle bod
  8. I am looking for a drive spindle for my turbo distributor, the starred end not the circular end.. John
  9. $75 total Includes shipping
  10. I have one that is new and ready to ship if you want.. its just like this one.. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic19g/15-6037 I changed turbos and no longer need it.. Thinking 75.00 shipping and all...
  11. I ordered a Mitshimoto myself on the 3rd of sept. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mio-mmint-ug/overview/ to be exact.. Will update on fitment when it arrives. For some reason it got shipped to the wrong address.. I believe this is Summits fault.
  12. Craig, This is a great advancement for the 240Z. I like what you are doing and think its a very wonderful idea. I have a few questions for you though. 1. What year 240Z is the mold made from? 2. About how long would it take to build a full shell. 3. Are you ready for orders or still in a prototype stage? Thanks, John
  13. Here is a copy of my lower bracket, I had it made up for my radiator conversion from JTR and it fits great. I have a 76 280z. As for the top I did something a little different. I had a Bracket made up to resemble the top bracket of a I-Rock Camaro. Lower Radiator Bracket.pdf
  14. Valmont, just wondering if you know what your going to do. I would like to put the info out there that, here in the South East Z engines are getting harder to find in good shap. Every now and then we see one in the local pick and pull. in 4 yrs seen about 5 engines. Here in savannah we have a very experienced Z machanic. One of the best I have ever taken a Z car to. He's been doing Z work since he was a kid. His dad started the business and he took it over when he retired. http://www.carterrace.com/front/ He has built proven race winners and much much more. If you are looking to spend the
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