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  1. I have a 78 280Z with a cracked dash. Is there anywhere that sells a replacement dash? not a dash cover.
  2. Thanks for all the information guys. After giving this a lot of thought I have decided to scrap the LS3 with the 6L80 auto transmission idea. That set up is about $10K (used with low miles)and I still would have to do many modifications and buy extra parts to make everything fit right, not to mention it would be a stock LS3. I have decided to go with a stroked LS2 402 CID 550hp/545lb/ft. This is a brand new turnkey motor set up with a Holley computer, wiring harness, alternator, A/C, with billet pullies and all forged internals. It comes fully assembeled with everything you need to
  3. Thanks Kevin, I got your PM with your information I will call you tomorrow and get directions on how to get to your place. My Corvette is a C6Z06 (I have attached a couple of pics)and it is not stock. It runs really strong, awesome car to drive on the street. I have a feeling my 280Z will have a hard time running with my vette unless I just go all out with the LS2 I intend to put in it which is something I dont really want to do. I want to make sure it is fun to drive and not make a bunch of noise. Anyways if I relly want to go fast I can just drop more money in the Z06 right?
  4. I agree the Z06 is heavier at 3180 lbs, not near 1000 lbs but heavier none the less. 1 3/4 headers will not limit your top end it will just give you more RWHP towards the top of the LS motor power band. LG Motorsports uses the 1 3/4 headers for their road course LS2 Corvette (picture attached) with great success. I believe that car is aroung 800 hp if i'm not mistaken and had beaten factory corvette team cars multiple times. I suggest contacting LG and telling them what you are going to use the car for. They will steer you the right way on what size headers will work better for your applicatio
  5. Gentlemen, I see a lot of controversy between 1 7/8 headers vs 1 3/4. I have a 07 Z06 Corvette (pictures attached) with the 427 LS7 and I chose to go with LG's 1 3/4 long tube headers and I could not be happier with the results. When you step up to 1 7/8 you will loose low end torque unless your car has a blower. take it from me, I have owned several LS motor cars and 1 3/4 headers is the way to go specially on the street. The 1 7/8 headers will make more RWHP but only at higher RPM (depending on your cam and other set up) but you will loose low end torque. A lot of people get sucked
  6. Nice Z. I'm about to start a similar project myself on a 78Z. I had my Z for 23 years and it means more to me than what it is worth. When I restored it the LS engine did not exist and I did not want a cast iron 350 in my Z so I chose to rebuild the factory motor instead. Now I want to see if I can make my 280Z run with my Z06 Corvette. I live in Cypress, Texas and was wondering if I could stop by and take a look at your Z when is convenient for you of course. Just curious about how everything fits and get some suggestions from someone that has done the swap already. maybe some do's and dont's.
  7. Not really, do you know what GM automatic transmission will fit without any tunnel modifications?
  8. You are correct sir. I'm looking at the 6L80 auto transmission not the T56. I figured with the 4.10 gears and the 6L80 I would have great bottom end power and good crusing speed without being too high into the RMP's. I think the tires I have should be able to hang at least for a while. Do you know if the 6L80 would fit the 280Z? They are not cheap, I would hate to buy one and have it in my garage as a stool. Thanks for your input.
  9. I have a 1978 280Z and I would like to do an LS conversion on it. I have located a 2010 SS Camaro LS3 engine with a 6L80 6 speed auto transmission. The engine comes with all the accessories, wiring harness and ECU. I'm interested in this set up because my Z has 4.10 gears and with the LS3 and 6 speed auto set up I think it should be interesting to drive on the street. I have seen stock LS3 with headers and a tune put up almost 500 hp to the crank. I want my car to idle smooth and basically be a sleeper. Oh I forgot to mention I will be running and 100hp (which a stock LS3 should easily handl
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