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  1. Thank you and you are right I was shocked an LS car was chosen but I agree with you not every Z has to be original. I do appreciate the work it goes into an all original build too though. By the way the NOS is not just decoration....LOL
  2. I want to thank all of you here for giving me inspiration for my build. I have adopted the Hybrid Z name for my build years ago since this site provided a lot of information that I consider priceless. I was able to meet some great people at ZCON, some that know my build and others that just wanted to say hello and compliment me on my build. When I built this car I built it as my version of what a Z should be therefore I know a lot of people were not going to like it since it was my vision and nothing else. Taking my car to ZCON for the 1st time and walking out of there
  3. Something else I noticed as I started driving the car is that I could barely hear the 6x9 speakers I installed behind the seats. It seems like the sound was muffled due to the seats being in front of the speakers. The other issue is that the motor in this car is fairly loud and the stereo needs to compensate for that sound so I had to turn it up and at some level the speakers would get a bit distorted due to all the bass they needed to put out. My system is a JL Audio 6 channel 600 watt amp which runs four 6x9 JL Audio 3 way speakers, two are mounted on a panel by the taillights and the other
  4. jpndave is correct, the Holley valve covers are a lot cleaner look since the coils mount directly onto the valve cover which gets rid of the coil brackets.
  5. Another issue I ran into is oil consumption. I would rive around 20 to 30miles and pull out 16 ounces of oil out of the catch can. After confirming the catch can was plumed properly by reaching out to the manufacturer the hunt for the problem began. Of course I had a lot of suggestions from the 6 AN lines I’m using in the catch can is too small, I have a broken piston ring, etc.. The guys that made the catch can (Elite Engineering) where the ones that told me what the problem was from the begging and they were right. It was the Holley valve covers. The baffles on the Ho
  6. Yes, an "H" with AN fittings is exactly what the LOJ unit is, well I added the AN fittings to it. I put it between the water pump and the heater core. The only feature the LOJ unit offers is a port on the side for a Nissan water temperature sending unit which I'm not using anyways, I blocked mine with the plug they provided. Here are some pictures of some others that are available as well. The metal one is a Vintage Air unit and the other looks like something home made but it worked.
  7. After researching countless hours and talking to everyone and their sister I decided to follow what LOJ Conversions suggested since it made a lot of sense to me. Not to mention some of the suggestions I was getting were just way out there. Like, remove the heads to check for blown head gasket etc.. According to LOJ the heater circuits on Chevy LS powered vehicles utilize a heater control valve that has an internal bypass. When the heat is off in a Chevy LS powered vehicle, coolant still flows through the heater hoses. You are not supposed to block the heater ports on your LS water pump, they
  8. I hear you, in my case I had no choice. Mine was leaking from the rear seal. I replaced the seal twice and still leaked. I was also told that not having proper engagement could damage the transmission bearings in time. You can always try it like I did, if you have no leaks or vibrations you may be ok.
  9. I just went through the same issue, my JCI driveshaft was too short. 1 1/2" is too much. I bottomed out my slip yoke and pulled it out 3/4" then had the driveshaft made to fit. I verified this with Modern Driveline and Tick Performance.
  10. I guess the biggest question is how are you going to use your car? I see you have drivability concerns which leads me to believe you want to drive the car on the street. If that's the case why do you want a race clutch?
  11. That's a good idea to straighten the tubing. I used a tubing straightener since I had multiple diameters of tubing I was working with including brake lines. It was just much easier to adjust to different sizes, not to mention it came out perfectly straight.
  12. Thanks for the compliments. Well I have learned a lot about thermostats in the last 2 weeks and I wanted to share it in case someone runs into this problem. I also learned how so many people know so little about them, even the so called experts. Most people think the lower the temperature rating on the thermostat the cooler your car will run and that’s not actually true. Then you have others that think taking out the thermostat will overheat the car or cause it to run too cool, not true either. I was finally able to talk to a GM Engineer who was involved in designing thermostats an
  13. The car finally made it home a couple of week ago from a long trip at the body shop. Very happy with the work they did. Now the fun begins, sorting out all the issues. The car is getting a bit hot, gets to about 230 degrees. The transmission rear seal is leaking and the front tires are rubbing the fender. It never ends with this car. At least its home and I can work on it when I have time.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this. The John's car lines are designed for a stock system. With the vintage air condenser you need to make custom lines.
  15. Do the slots on the face of the rotors also need to be facing a specific direction? Or that does not mater.
  16. You are right, the ones Dave uses have straight vanes in the rears which is what I need to replace, his fronts are curved and have arrows showing the direction the need to go in. Willwoods slotted version of the rears Dave uses are curved vaned. Does the way the slots are cut on the rotor make a difference? Just wonder if those need to be directional as well. That could be it, maybe it saves him money doing it that way. The problem is how long it takes. He told me it would take several weeks to have that done when Wilwood has the same rotors already slotted in stock. Don't get me wron
  17. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was able to reach Willwood and give them the casting numbers from the rotors and they were able to get me a replacement part number. I ordered them from Summit and should have them here tomorrow. Another thing that was odd is that Dave says he slots those rotors in house and they are not directional therefore you can interchange left from right. Wilwood says their slotted rotors are directional, they have a left and right side. To say that I'm disappointed in Arizona Z is an understatement. I spoke with Dave yesterday again and he told me he woul
  18. I will try them again today before I start looking elsewhere. I have already sent 2 emails and spoke with Dave twice since Monday. He says he will call me back in a couple of hours and I never hear back. I have made it clear on my emails and phone calls that I need this ASAP. Not sure what's going on there.
  19. Does anyone know where Arizona Z gets their rotors from? I need replacement parts for my kit and the response from Arizona Z is non existent. I need to be able to source replacement parts without having to deal with them.
  20. Here are some old pictures I have, I don't have the condenser but I can get some when I go to the body shop next week. At least you can see the lines coming from the compressor going through the firewall into the evaporator.
  21. Hood is just about done, my car should be coming home in a week or so. Can't wait.
  22. Finally my car has paint again and this time the body work is done right. All that's left to do now is wetsand, buff the car and assembly. If you are in Texas DO NOT take your car to Richey Collision for any work. They were known to do great custom body work but after what they did to my car I would not spend a dime there.
  23. I think it all boils down to money. How much are you willing to spend to do it right and have the peace of mind your car will not overheat and damage your engine. You can piece together components from different cars and make it work or you can call radiator builders that have engineers on their staff that will design a radiator for your specific set up. They take all you accessories into account, thickness of the condenser, hp the car will be producing as well as how you will drive the car and design a radiator for you that will bolt right into the factory location and will cool your engine
  24. I have John's Compressor with the factory evaporator and it works great. I did go with a vintage air condenser. Super cold air.
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