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  1. not quite the oil pump cover, In fact I've never heard of that
  2. I bought a carfax for my AW11. Waste of money they tell you next to nothing about the history of your car. The carfax basically told me everything I already knew.
  3. I don't really think there will be a difference in terms of performance its just gaskets
  4. If I'm not mistaken the KA has the same motor mounts as the SR20 Any SR20 Mounting kit will most likely work, That's not cheap though Cheapest way to put it in would be do all the welding yourself, If you do this you could probably get by without replacing the drive shaft if you mount the motor to where it lines up with the old drive shaft. But a downside to this is the motor will sit farther forward. Wiring will be a cakewalk, Just use the OEM setup for now all that you should have to wire in is the ignition and starter
  5. Take it back to the shop immediately, They've done something wrong and the longer you wait the easier it will be for them to say its your fault.
  6. Uhhh No If its a diesel then you can use the crank and build a stroker L series
  7. The head could be a MN47 I wouldn't call them rare but they are desirable. Pretty much anything else in the drivetrain could be used on the zed
  8. I thought the one where his VW bug was stolen was great, The xbox 360 one was even funny. Its just to overused to be funny anymore :|
  9. You probably have a normal 240z Alternator with the voltage regulator. You can tell buy how the alternator looks. Putting the 83 Alternator in requires some rewiring, I would look into a simple GM 2 wire alternator setup if you search there's loads of information on how to do it. plus the newer alternators push way more power than the 83 or the 240z alternator will
  10. The N42 is "supposedly" stronger because of casting differences. The F54 has an extra water hole there not really to different
  11. Steam=Headgasket although you said you did a compression test, I would double check #3
  12. Mythbusters lied this is what really happened photobucket going down in 5,4,3...
  13. With the amount of money you put into it I would invest in a security system! Beautiful car cant wait to see a video and hear this beast
  14. did it really take you five years to think up a reply
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