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  1. Do you feel a major difference from the stock headers or did you always run this setup from the beginning?
  2. May I ask you what those headers costs you. They looks very well crafted. I am in the process doing a VQ swap as well. BTW nice project, I really like how the engine harness has a separate plug at the firewall.
  3. 4lug or 5lug? I have a brand new 5 lug set of Work VS XX 17X8.5 +22 With clearance for big brakes. I did a 5 lug conversion for my car, but I rather one a solid one piece wheel to reduce weight. PM me if interested.
  4. Its been over 2 months. Where you hiding? We want to see some videos!
  5. I got some brand new MSA bumpsteer spacers for 14 in wheel. Let me know if your interested
  6. Thanks for the info. I thought I was going nuts :0. My rotors and calipers weren't centering and I thought the gap was the problem.
  7. I have a question, I just did the z31 pentagon hub swap with the JSK rotor hats and Wilwood calipers. I swapped out all the bearings and seats along with the seals. When I pieced everything together and put it on the spindle, the z31 hub doesn't slide in all the way. I have about a 1/4 o 1/8 gap. I installed everything correctly i am sure of it because its the gap is the same on both sides. Can anyone verify if this is correct?
  8. Check your pm!

  9. I got an early 69-72 bumper for cheap if your itnerested. doesnt come with brackets.
  10. Got some brand cosmo coil overs i bought off a member here not too long ago. Never ended up using them. Brand new 150.00 shipped. Think they can 220 or more brand new.
  11. I have the modern-motorsports spacers, but they r for the z31 5 lug hub :/
  12. gotta open diff r200 for sale for $120. Just took it off my Z a couple of days ago. its great I just handle to get a CLSD. have the half shaft and everything else availiable for extra
  13. I could be wrong but those look like 350Z seats. The shape is identical to a 350Z seat. Like the custom work though. Makes the seat look like someone put tuxedo on it
  14. I am actually on the same journey and was going to post a thread on "Where's Ross?" Ordered stuff two items from him about two weeks ago and I dont think it got processed. Didn't see the order history on my account. The money did get pull from my credit card though. No return emails either.
  15. What kind of fabrication if any did you have to go through to get those STI brembos to fit? Thats some awsome work you have done getting that system to work.
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