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  1. There's also WebCamshafts: http://www.webcamshafts.com/
  2. Received my seal a couple of days ago, it's softer than the one I got from another source and it fits much better. Thanks.
  3. Isn't it just that the old king died and now there is a new king. I like the phrase, but in the Megadeth song "Kill the King"
  4. Well the car has finally been my daily driver since the last update, but I've added a couple of things: I upgraded the headlights to the H4's from datsunrestore, they are noticeably brighter but I still need to add relays: I changed my mirrors because the other one's were too small: I added a front bumber and painted it flat black: And I replaced the drivers seat with one that a friend sold me, the other one was really sagging and this one holds me in much better: I'm also going to ugrade the suspension because kyb shocks and unknown springs just aren't cutting it. I bought the Tokico Illumina's from John at Betamotorsports: And I bought the springs from ArizonaZcar, 180front 200rear:
  5. They're just a generic pack, you can get them on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VORTEKZ-UNIVERSAL-ROOF-VORTEX-GENERATOR-BLACK-10-PIECE_W0QQitemZ290156384466QQihZ019QQcategoryZ33638QQcmdZViewItem
  6. I've got a new one (and the o-ring) that I bought a couple of months ago, ended up not using it. Just pm me if you want it. And about the tank, if there's no visible rust or crud inside of it, just flushing it is fine.
  7. It's the OS Giken head. The pic comes from here: http://tomitaku.com/index_work.html
  8. I'm up in the San Fernando Valley as well, but I wouldn't mind driving down for a meet.
  9. My vote is for Ruby although they're all really great. The first pic of the ZF1-J is just priceless, run away!!!! The green and gold combination is great and who wouldn't want an offroad Z powered by an RB. Great job guys.
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