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  1. You're fine man, just find any motor you like that is the same year or newer and you wont have any issue. When you do the swap they just give you a new tag for what car/truck you are supposed to be as. So if you swap in a ls1 from a 00 firebird that's the smog laws you will then need to fallow. Btw you are considered a car if your license plate is a number than 3 letters than 3 more numbers. Light duty trucks are a number than a letter followed by five more numbers in Cali.
  2. Good point on Amsoil, I change my oil twice a year or every ten thousand miles, filter changes every 5k. It works out to be cheaper than doing mobil 1 every 3k by a nice bit and I trust it far better.
  3. The sending unit caused the problem for me, swapped in a new one and all is well.
  4. Napa Gold = re-bagged Wix filter which imo is probably the best filter out there.
  5. I haven't tried these but sense I have an extra set of HID's i would like too. Also remember that HID's run cooler than Halogens since they are a lower watt bulb.
  6. You can see my house from state, right across from the SDSU light board, big white retaining wall. Or the driveway full of black cars. I think were at 6. lol.
  7. That thing was scooting and gripping! Price tag is not bad considering the class of cars they are shooting for.
  8. Four would do it for me. -My 1973 240Z track car -Dakota R/T -1970 Challenger T/A -And a a nice econo car, maybe a 325i Next project after I finish the Z is selling my 03 Dakota R/T and picking up a 97-99 dakota regular cab for a Viper motor / 6 speed swap.
  9. Anyone seen this yet? http://www.msdignition.com/2007/blasterefi.html Looks pretty nice to me and if it's made buy the guys that did Big Stuff 3 it can't be bad.
  10. I was swapping manifolds on my truck, done it plenty of times so I was just racing threw it. Got it done, quick check, fire it up, let it run for a bit, change the oil all seems well. Get out on my "test" road and have to see how the new manifold works so I nail it, get it up to 90 and all hell breaks loose. She bucked, sputtered, backfired than finally died. Tow it home and start to check, turns out I set the manifold down on the crank position wire. Just pinched it, but enough to melt the wire and let it arc all over the place. I quickly swapped back to stock and had it towed in for warranty. They replaced the CPS, PCM, distributor and the body control modual. Thank god for warranty and the "I dunno what happened, it just died" line. I double check things now.
  11. "thing is how would you route it that way just to get a little boost? "
  12. Looks like a nice company, wish I could find a place to pay for college out here.
  13. Internal ceramic coating goes a long way, we've ran 11:1 compression on a completely iron motor on 91 octane with out issue. Basic Fuel injection, no knock sensors, just a good tune and a close eye on the wideband.
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