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  1. Damn, this thread is old!! I'm re-living some of my best hits. I especially like the one by jmortensen about working at a jiffylube and doing a superman dive across oil-slick flooring into the wall.
  2. Did BRAAP weigh in on this yet? He may have some additional insite on what happened and how to prevent it again.
  3. I've been there a few times also, while on cruise. I second everyone's advice on going to the gold souk. Be aware that the gold over there is very red, it looks like the cheesy fake stuff you see at wal mart over here. That is because our gold here isnt 24k, the real stuff looks more towards an orange color than the yellow gold we're used to seeing. I'd also suggest the spice souk, really good deals over there on everything. I bought a kilo of Iranian saffron for 80 bucks 5 years ago. Killer deal. Keep your head on a swivel while over there, always be with at least 1 other
  4. Remember guys, that LSX head bolts are torque to yield, therefore if you lubricate the threads and follow the same procedure in the book, you will actually put MORE tension on the head bolt, possibly exceeding the yield point by too much and leading to fastener failure prematurely.
  5. BJ, where did you get the airbox? I'm looking for one for my set of tripples
  6. Sandblasting works well to remove mill scale (after the metal has been de-greased) Jon, you may look at using a small blaster if you're just doing plates and what-not. It will also give the paint/primer/whatever some "tooth" to adhere to when preserved.
  7. Time for those guys to read the directions... Did you look on the site and find the one from Mythbusters? They got Carrie (SP?) to wear underwear that go off if she farts. That one wont see the air.
  8. Hearing about people like this just makes me wonder what the next dumb fad will be. Hmmm neon lights under the car, neon windshield wipers, fart cans, big ass wheels on the back of a fwd car, blow off valve sounds thru a loudspeaker, fake intercoolers, rediculous wings on all parts of a car, etc... Oh, by the way, all of these things make the car go so fast I cant even get a race... lol
  9. Search function, use it. Yes, there is a very good kit out there but you'll have to search to find the site.
  10. Look around the Chevy V8 section of this site, and so a search, you'll find loads of info.
  11. 2 bidders with 0 feedback and registered within the same 1 month period. Hmmmmmm
  12. I broke off a half dozen or so removing the front fenders and doing engine work on my 74Z, after that, I used penetrant and a heat gun on EVERY bolt I touched, not a single one has broken or stripped since.
  13. It's the policy here at Hybridz to not engage in political discussions at all, therefore no flame wars.
  14. Got mine Friday or Saturday, seems ok, but as to be expected, not enough S30 info.
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