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  1. Looking for personal experience from those that have sold cars, mainly racecars, via the internet. Which sites have you used, eBay, Racing Junk, BAT and what were your results. Is selling a car just like selling parts on eBay or this site. Can you put too much info in your ad that might harm your sale or is more info always better. I am thinking if you leave a little info out you could generate some phone calls and then use your personal skills to help sell the car. I'm thinking of a price between 11.5 to 12.5 for my car so it is not a high end race car but one someone can buy and go right to the track and vintage race with HSR, SVRA or NASA. Tom
  2. I am looking for L&R headlight buckets(can't believe I just sold mine and now I need a set). Complete front lower valence - both corner and center pieces. Also a Bre type rear spoiler - short one. Trying to piece together a 240 C production car for HSR Group 3 & SVRA Group 8 to go along with my 260 Group 5 & Group 6 car. Tom
  3. Just picked up a 11/70 240 bare chassis - has front suspension/steering rack/column/wheel & rear suspension/r180 diff - 14" steel wheels with tires - nothing else. No doors, hood, hatch, interior or any lights or wiring. 1085 lbs. I am thinking of transferring everything from my 260 race car to this chassis to trim down my bulky 2350 lbs.
  4. You could always let your car winter at S30 Motorsports and just fly down to drive it every so often. I am sure you have extra flight miles...... Clark won't mess with it too much.
  5. Keep both. Use the 280 as your daily driver and restore 240 over time. That is you can afford to and have a place to to keep the 240. Wish I still had my 72' 240 which I got in 1979 and drove in high school.
  6. Fellow Hybrid Z'ers need a little input. This is my sister-in-laws car she bought new in 1990 and drove until 2005 when she bought a new 350Z. She asked me what the value/sales price might be for this car. I usually only keep up with 1st gen cars since that is what I race. It has 142K original miles with an automatic transmission. Leather interior and carpets are in great shape,t-tops probably removed a dozen times in its lifetime with all accessories, guages, lights, a/c etc in good working order. It has been garaged kept and only used for weekend cruises since 2005. She is considering selling it or keeping it for my nephew to drive when he turns 16. What price range do you guys think this would sell for?
  7. How do all these cars make it to the Great Northwest? Don't know what's better, there or Arizona. Reproducing that competition hood buldge would go well with the 3 piece rear spoiler I got from you.
  8. Looks great. Hope you plan on redoing the front crossmember and steering rack to keep it all nice and clean.
  9. Very nice. What data panel is that? Doesn't look like an Aim or Motec.
  10. Nevermind, couldn't figure out how to put the pdf file on here. Try again later.
  11. Thinking of doing some paint & graphics to the race truck to match it up with the red trailer. What do you guys think?
  12. I try to do period correct on my car and drivers suit(except for the Bayern Munchen decal on rear quarter) so you are getting the right ideas from everybody. Just added Smokin Joe Camel sponsor decal and GTU. PLATA - nice pic of PLN. Would love to add a tribute 280zx racecar to our stable. Hard to find any around, especially with the body kit already installed.
  13. I went through the similar problem with the big box saws( 2-Poulans & 1 - Mcculloch) after the three 2004 hurricanes came through central Fla and I had about 25-30 trees to cut. Finally realized you get what you pay for with small gas tools and went with the Stihl 20" Farm Boss and it hasn't failed me yet and it has been 8 years. Bought it from a local small shop to get the personalized service also. Can walk right in and get it serviced there compared to trying to get Lowes or Home Depot to do anything. Tom
  14. Are you talking about the black pickup truck in your sideview mirror? Plus you get to go to all the WKU Hilltopper games and your close to Nashville. Almost went to WKU, but followed my 2 older brothers to Lexington and UofK. Now the closest I get is driving by on our way up from Fla to visit family in Louisville.
  15. Very nice find, reminds me of my first 240Z I got back in the 70s. White is perfect color. Tom
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