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  1. Casper9182: why don't you buy my rolling chassis ('73 240Z), suspension and brakes. It's a solid platform then you can put a power plant / transmission you will have more information (and possibly a warranty) on. Price will be negotiable if purchased as a package. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120760-1973-240z-rolling-chassis-so-cal/ http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120826-beta-motorsports-strut-kit-big-brake-kit-turbo-tom-kit-so-cal/
  2. Beautiful car. You should take pride in all your hard work and efforts. I'm glad you are willing to share the fruits of your labor. Gives me a lot of inspiration to keep working on my cars.
  3. Great work. Looks like a very strong and rigid chassis. Thanks for posting the pics. I'm sure its going to help me in my restoration. Julius
  4. I ordered at set at the "original sale price" a few weeks ago. Maybe JC Whitney caught on to the price. I fabricated my original frame rails to the seats but they were way too high. I took the seats to my local upholstery shop and they trimmed some foam and adjusted the metal pieces supported the seat portion of the seat. Fit so much better. I should've bought two pairs. Julius
  5. The show was nice. I'd like to show up the HybridZ group too. I parked my 78 2+2 in the parking lot. Maybe next year we can represent this great forum. Julius
  6. Looks good J. How did you end up mounting the seats? Julius
  7. I'll be there. I'm gonna drive my Z but not entering it. Julius
  8. Not to hijack this thread... but how about putting together a list of fun canyon roads for the members. I'm not very familar with many canyon roads but the one I've been on is Tonner Canyon Road off the 57 Freeway in the Brea area. If you go east it dumps you into Chino Hills. Julius
  9. Great thread. Anyone out there running a "blow-thru" or "draw-thru" carburated turbo set up on their L28? Julius
  10. Beautiful car. Nice build from top to bottom. Enjoy it! Julius
  11. Great looking car. What kind of rear spoiler did you use? I'd like to put one on my 2+2 but most vendors don't carry any (only for coupe). Any suggestions/advise? Julius
  12. The Ebay seller is the same person offering the brakes here on HybridZ. I've purchased a front and rear set for my '71 240Z. Haven't put them on yet but they look pretty good. I've been dealing with this Ebay seller for a few years and he's a stand up guy. Good luck. Julius http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=135157
  13. What kind of timing chain kit did you use? Just curious. I'm looking to replace mine. Thanks. Julius
  14. Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to get a hold of some 9mm rods from a '73 240Z. I appreciate the help. The search continues.
  15. Still looking for some 9mm connecting rods. I came across these rods on Ebay and was wondering if any member had any comments on them. They are from the "Crankshaft Depot." Thanks. Julius http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=360065889158
  16. Amazing car. 337hp at the wheels from a N/A L6. Sweet! Julius
  17. Myron. You deserve the praise. Your car is extremely nice. Thanks for sharing your car with us all. Its projects like these that keep me focused and motivated to get my Z project finished. Keep up the good work and keep us drooling with the pics! Julius
  18. Kim emailed me today about the RB RGM wheels. They are in and I'm sending him a money order ASAP. He's charging my only $700 since I'm paying by money order. FYI. Julius
  19. Not sure how the smog laws are in Arizona. But in California, aside from the diagnostic test of the vehicle's emissions, there is also a visual inspection to insure all the factory emissions devices are present. Good luck.
  20. I have a N47 head on my '78 280Z and its definitely a round port exhaust. Unsure about the gasket. Julius
  21. Thanks for taking the time to post and share the videos. Awesome. Happy Easter. Julius
  22. So any general comments on the kit as a whole? Good? Bad? Worthless? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Julius
  23. I'm in the same boat as "Geez." What happened to the Turbo Tom kit? I'm in the process of building a turbo L28 engine and I'm leaning towards a carburated turbo set-up (for "Old School" nostalgia). What happened to the kit? Is it for sale? Julius
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