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  1. Dam! These are the bees knees too! And now I need an alternative for my next project ugh… thanks for the first set!
  2. I may have a set, but would have to pull them, it’s cold and frozen ice/snow.... but. What are they worth?
  3. I have a set. No rotor or cap. 🤷🏼‍♂️ But have a distributor, with shaft. I also have a z31 optical sensor which I think is an upgrade for it... it’s slightly different but if it’s possible I’m sure there is a write up (probably use nuts and bolts instead of how the oem Unit bolts from bottom up, as the z31 bolts from the top down...) $200 for it all shipped.
  4. That’s assuming you are already running the turbo distributor for 82-83.... I have one, or could I should say... 87 turboecu harness afm. 275or with a nistune ecu, harness and afm 550 ps you would need a cas wheel from a vg30e(t) also to put into the stock dizzy if your not running the distributor, I have one for an 82-83 turbo, with an oil pump shaft for it, for another 200, and can include the cas wheel for a vg30...
  5. Why not upgrade to a z31 turbo ecu? Pretty straight forward... easiest way, ecu, harness, and afm then it’s just a matter of some splicing of the wires. You get a majorly updated ecu then. Making you more power in stock form.
  6. I do agree about closer to the original lines intersecting. But the front flares terminating early with the rear of the wheel open is beautiful. I could see it reaching to the rear of the front fender so the bottom portion could be removed, allowing for venting etc. the rears maybe just a better line around the doors ( it always appears at a twisted awkward angle to me.... Other than that, I think spot on!
  7. Little late, but the vt muffler, Is clickitty clack even when installled flat. Mine is even only on a 2.0 (sr20det). But other than that, awsome.... Mine I would describe as the sound of a lifter that collapsed, only in the rear, And is constant until its been driven for a while (10-15 minutes of normal driving)....
  8. Sweet progress! I often wondered about t5 hybrids, that or the chevy t5..... Sweet!!! So, are you going to be going this route as opposed to the turbo vg, or are you going to turbo this!
  9. Say running 2.5" pipe to the front of the car, approx. 10' of piping, thats only a few liters of air to move, compress. An enigne (5.7 liter for example) ingests 5.7 liters of air every rotation. at 3000 rpm it will ingest 5.7 liters 50 times a second! The heat lose from the exhaust piping will mean you dont need an intercooler so the intake piping is actually about equal in the amount of air being compressed from one system to another. in a properly setup remote mount setup, I've seen some pretty reponsive systems. They no longer have the heat issues associated with standard turbo setups, but run into other issues. Wheres the intake filter going, oil, feed, and return, weight of the oil scavange pump if not running oilless turbo, exhaust has to be AIR TIGHT, is there clearance under the car heat sheilding in the fuel tank area. if there is room underhood, I would recommend it.
  10. If the cam was 180 out, it would still be synced with the 720 of the cam, it would just make the dizzy 180 out... But neither would explain the 3 cylinders doing nothing. compression test!
  11. Most t3-t4 turbos will bolt on. I had a 60-1 bolted up to mine. Which has a pretty large compressor housing on it. Also as for the external gate. That would require you to weld a flange off the manifold. More than likely a length of pipe ect to allow it to clear everything. I had a length of shedule 10 1.5" pipe cut and welded at angles to extend approx. 6" from the manifold, and end with the gate just in front of or behind the engine cross member I forget now... As for the different ecu or injectors, well, that depends on the size of turbo, and how much boost you want to run. I would start with saying a smaller t3t4 turbo shouldn't need anything. The larger you go, the more "tweaking" you should do. I would recomend runing 3-4psi more than base pressure in your fuel pressure regulator, but then you lose some fuel economy. Another alternative is to lighten the spring in your maf, of to which this is a very delicate mod that you want to do slowly, don't just loosen it alot, only a tiny bit will have a big effect! but the same thing happens, a little worse fuel economy, and also that wouldn't raise the saftey threshold as the raising fuel pressure would. Both fixes would be bandaids, and shouldn't be performed without a wideband. But if they are do so slowly, do some runs, and read your plugs, don't just go run hard thinking your fine...
  12. As for the tires, there has been 315's almost tucked under. I'd just go 275, or maybe 295 and roll the fenders to allow clearance. Should be enough rubber to snap an axel if you so wanted to.
  13. I think a 10" rim will fit, but needs like a 6" backspacing... If it fits, a 6.5" offset may be better to allow a more aggressive (wider section) if it doesn't start to rub in the rear first. These ideas are going by I have 8" rims with a 4" backspacing... Goodluck!
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