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  1. I got my mfactory unit in the mail yesterday, I'm very excited! Quality product made in the States at the right price. Thanks for getting this on the market!
  2. I'm interested. Will email you with details! -Emmet
  3. I'll have to get back to you. I might end up using it. I plan on attending next year's ZCCR in Rochester, you should go! I had a blast last summer
  4. I have a pacesetter round port header I can sell you cheap, I don't have the 2-1 connector though.
  5. Thanks! Looks like they got it for initial bid, $84 shipped. That went pretty cheap.
  6. What's a fair market price for a turbo valve cover? My friend has a turbo motor-I'd like to approach him with a fair value in mind. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for a new set of Nissan OEM chrome fender mirrors for my 280Z. Cheapest I found are $425 shipped from Canada. Looks like they're going up in price-prices a few years ago hovered around $350. Maybe there's a site that ships direct from Japan?
  8. I'm enthusiastic to see where this project goes. Didn't realize I'd upset anyone, but then again, this is the internet Sigh.
  9. You purchased a set of 6 Mikuni TM40 carbs for $200? That's cheap! Where did you get them for that price? I'm not familiar with Mikuni TM series carbs, but the slides are operated by a throttle shaft. (As in, the cable doesn't directly pull the slide-the slide is operated by a shaft which is rotated by the throttle cable). Proof photos here. Take a look at the image I attached above. That bank of 6 carburetors looks like HSR series carbs. These can be lined up on a single throttle shaft rather than operated by individual linkages. Here's an example of two in series linked by a common
  10. Why build a datsun motor, then? It's way more expensive than building a v8 engine, given the plethora of aftermarket parts. Or why even build a car? We should all be driving japanese minivans, that'll please the gods of common sense! I get the criticism, but you should consider the design intent of this kind of project-to go out and do something different. I've seen holley carb setups, I've seen weber setups, and I've seen fuel injection setups. A bank of six motorcycle carbs has been done before, but it is uncommon. Perhaps for a reason-there are other established practices with a wealt
  11. I was at a friend's motorcycle shop checking out his distributor catalog for mikuni carbs. I've had this idea rattling around my head ever since seeing Eiji's 240z with 6 mikuni motorcycle carbs on youtube. Just found this thread with a photo of Eiji working over his bank of six Mikuni motorcycle carbs PKZ, what carbs did you end up going with? RS smoothbores, HSR? HSR has impressive flow numbers but are pretty massive-they come in 42, 45, and 48mm bore size. I haven't done much research-installing a bank of six motorcycle carbs would come out more expensive than purchasing a c
  12. I bought a T5 tranny from a ZX with 130k miles for $200. Good shift feel, but condition otherwise unknown. Also no clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, or slave cylinder. I thought the price was okay, since they're only going to get harder to find. I later bought a turbo driveshaft and diff for $80 which I felt I did well on.
  13. any particular reason you're not interested in using headers? I'm curious...
  14. I went to ZCCR's meet last month, here we are lined up for laps at Watkins Glen: and a few shots of my Z. New York's Finger Lakes region is gorgeous-it resembles rolling French countryside, and there's too many wineries to count! Of course, I'm too cheap to stay at a hotel, so here's me messing around with my flashlight at the camgrounds:
  15. I'm interested, but I need more data...What's the price if 10 people buy in vs. 20 buy in? etc. maybe this thread should be replaced with a more formal thread-see NewZed's post above.
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