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  1. Nice build, what clutch did you put in? tbs
  2. Is your car not runing right? You should download the FSM and test them. www.xenons130.com tbs
  3. Has anyone calculated the height of the center of gravity from the ground on the 280zx? I've searched and can not find anything, i f anyone know what it is I would really appreciate it so i can finish my design project. tbs
  4. Strip some interior so u can see where any repairs where made, and post some pictures so we can see how bad. I just finished putting a new front end and rocker panels on my 95 AWD DSM after a wreck mangled my front end. tbs
  5. After a lot of trying to pull it out by hand or with other tools, I shook it and I got lucky when it fell out. My zed brakes like a new car again tbs
  6. Yes the ZX has a reaction disc I just took mine apart last night and glued it back in, I'll post pics later. tbs
  7. I didn't see this mentioned yet http://www.datsport.com/ If you are willing to swap the rear supsension this guy has a s13 rear suspension under his s130 http://www.takkun.net/dri-z-000.htm tbs
  8. Remove the blower motor and you should see the relay. I think you sould check the fuel pressure, vacuum leaks, and the CAS. tbs
  9. Please download the FSM for your Z this should really help you out. Fuel pump relay is under the dash on the passenger side if I remember correctly. http://www.xenons130.com/reference.html tbs
  10. No it needs to be shortened and trim the dust shield off the yoke. I don't remember how much I had taken off though I think I did the same about the first gens take off. tbs
  11. I think the only hub you could do is the 88-89 300zx front hubs to get five lugs, because 240sx and z32 front hubs are totally different. I just picked up a set of 30mm z32 calipers for mine. BTW the link posted has the calipers are not mounted in the optimum spot. Dynamics teaches us that there is always a normal acceleration when you apply your brakes. You need to swap your spindles so the brake mounts are opposite. That way the normal acceleration is pointing toward the opposite of forward motion, thus giving an extra free deceleration when braking. Like how these are http://www.takkun.net/dri-z-296.html tbs
  12. I would start with the air regulator like nismopick said. I doubt you are having connection problems since when the car is warm and when over a certain RPM its fine. Can you tell us if that "certain RPM" puts the car into boost and or zero psi? My eclipse had the same symptoms and turned out to be an intake leak. After you check the air regulator it wouldn't hurt to check for leaks. http://www.vfaq.com/index-main.html tbs
  13. The 350z transformers are in the universe series, I've got two and they are well done. tbs
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