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  1. Dan - I’m a longtime member (joined in 2000) and have made multiple donations over the years but I don’t show up as a donating member. I’ve had health problems and have been inactive on the site for a number of years. I could use your help in getting the donating member issue straightened out. Thanks

  2. I just donated and wanted to sell my parts but the system will not let me post.  Please advise.

  3. Hi I donated but unable to post in classifieds. Thanks

  4. Ok, I think is fixed now. Still working on a few other errors.
  5. No unfortunately the problem still persists randomly on some pages. I am still trying to figure it out.
  6. Michael, Send me a direct request to reset your password to my email address.
  7. Yeah something is broken, I have to manually add the donations for now. I am looking into it.
  8. Hi Dan.


    I'm looking to paot a parts for sale ad after having dontated. How much time is needed please to validate said donation and allow me to post for sale ?


    Kind regards,



    1. SuperDan


      You be able to post now. It shows you as a donating member.




  9. Over the years I have gotten messages from members about having to remember to donate every year to support our forums and that it would be nice to only have to do it once. So, I changed the donation system to make any member who donates $100 or more to become a lifetime donating member. Nothing else has changed just a heads up to you guys, Thanks for your support! Dan
  10. I am actually seeing a couple of other strange issues so I will be getting a list together today and submit a support ticket for them.
  11. Yeah, I do not see it. I am looking into it and other issues.
  12. Wow! Chris Pike, blast from the past

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