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  1. Fiberglass repairs are coming along. Got tired of sanding , so I pulled the dash and steering column to modify for the Saturn Vue electric power steering unit. Thanks to all these threads: https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/125428-electric-power-steering-100-1500/ https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/128956-electric-power-steering-information-compiled/?tab=comments#comment-1204303 https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/127807-saturn-electric-power-steering-in-a-datsun-280z/?tab=comments#comment-1194814 the bracket modifications and mounting process turned out to be relatively simple. Everything has been mounted with no binding issues, although the lower column comes close to the small bock's shorty headers and the lower u joint just barely clears the motor mount. It's a game of millimeters. I won't wire it up until I decide on custom dash options. With the heater/AC unit removed, there's a lot room to work with. In the meantime, I've been learning some new tricks in GIMP. The result is this copper color on my (pre-accident) VR.
  2. Hey thanks for the offer. I'll certainly take you up on it if I lose any during the cleanup. The body kit is a Velo Rossa. It's styled after the early 60's Ferrari 250 GTO. John Washington of ZTrix.com makes it. Tires are 245/45/17's up front and 275/40/17's in the rear. Had to do some minor surgery to those fenders to get them under. My build is here, Velo Rossa Build, if you're interested.
  3. Thanks jKelly for those links. Looks like you've covered everything. I don't need the lower portion of the steering column for my conversion. I didn't find a needle bearing at the bottom, although I did find a rubber seal that is not meant to be removed, just the same bearing as the top. I was able to remove the bottom bearing without any damage by using a 3/4 inch pvc coupler and a length of copper pipe. I'll try to do the same with the top after I have every thing lined up and tacked in their final positions. I should be able to cobble together one good bearing from the pieces of both. BTW, I like your wheel choice. I went with a similar look, Roto RB's ,17"x9.5 rear and 17x9 front... hence the need for power steering.
  4. Wow!!! Very impressive build. Clearly a labor of love. I'm currently in the 12th year of my 260Z to Velo Rossa project. Been away from it for a few years as life keeps getting in the way. But I'm finally back at it and I'm currently in the middle of converting to an electric power steering unit from a Saturn Vue. My steering column bearings are in bad shape and I haven't seen any replacements sold anywhere. I was hoping you could expand on exactly how you refreshed yours. How did you remove them without damage? Where would I get more ball bearings? What size balls? Etc..
  5. Well, a few things have happened since my last post. 1. I finally pulled the plug completely. I'm officially and completely retired. 2. I built an outdoor patio cover, which means we finally have some shade for those triple digit temperature we get for weeks on end... 3. and Christmas Village 2019 ( in 3D ) is finished. It's so big we had to use two rooms this year. With all that out of the way, I was finally able to begin making repairs to the VR. I spent today removing the bonnet, cutting out the damaged fiberglass... and prepping the repair areas for mat and filler. I'll be making new forms to rebuild the under hood extensions to the sugar scoops. Damn it feels good to be working on this again!!!
  6. Not sure mild is the word I’d use for this summer. Triple digits most days on our side of town. 😳 Been building backyard structures when I could stand to work outside. Love to take the VR to some events, but she’s still not ready. Plan is to finish my retaining wall this fall, stop working part time and spend my time finishing the car and watching our grandson👍
  7. Wow! That’s an outstanding price for a complete kit.
  8. The shop is finally finished. At least as far as the county is concerned. The inspector just signed off on the final inspection!!! Time to get back to work on the Velo Rossa.
  9. Stretching for the finish line. Garage doors are in and operational.
  10. If the integrity of the seat mounts and frame rail is not affected by the rust, I'd patch. Especially if you're not worried about aesthetics. I replaced my Swiss cheese floors mainly because the rust was in all the edges of the rail underneath and the front seat mount. I also cut the roof off so I needed the floors to be solid along with the addition of stiffening tubing. It looks great, but it's a lot more involved than patching. I have a cheap flux core wire feed welder you can borrow if you'd like. It's what I used to do my floors.
  11. All it needs now is garage doors, down spouts, some trim paint and a final inspection.
  12. So, after digging a trench 24" deep and 120' long and laying 2" conduit containing my electrical service line..... ...I was able to do this... ...and finally, some of this. Doing a little finish work inside while waiting for my stucco guy to get back to me. Garage doors are also on the "ToDo" list.
  13. Sounds healthy too. Always a good feeling when it runs for the first time. It’s no longer just a bag of parts. Well done sir!
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