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  1. Better get to building if you want to be the first! Alaindatsun has a nicely done TR6060 sitting in his garage waiting to go into his Z
  2. You know your doin it right when people use your stuff for advertising!
  3. Viper spec is actually the smaller spline shaft and is usually cheaper. The viper thing is kind of "old news" TDP sells a stage 3 which is the larger 32 spline SSR shaft plus all the goodies for $1700 which does not include the price of your trans. I see stage two T56 transmissions for sale on LS1tech for $22-$2300 all the time and that is including the price of the transmission. For most of the guys on here the stage two is plenty. Anyone moving north of 700rwhp needs to consider something else. Of all the builders I've spoken to they all pretty much say the same thing. The T56 is under
  4. I can read... the awnser is still $1700. Ill let you figure out how that is possible
  5. 1700 if I bring him my trans BUT that doesn't solve the gear shear problem.. Trust me Im considering the TR6060. Here Is the thing. All of the failures I've heard of have been because of "weak gears" what does that mean? shit material? I doubt it. Gears that are properly lubricated don't just break. Almost all of the gears shearing problems I have seen look exactly the same and all come from the same spot, the front of the transmission. I think the T56 has the same problem the 6060 has, bad fluid circulation and poor lubrication. Im going to call a couple big name builders and ask the same que
  6. The beauty of my situation is I have the GTO T56 which means I have the good gear set. To completely rebuild the trans and upgrade to the ssr 32spline mainshaft/yoke/machining yada yada is $1700 for parts/labor out the door from TDP. That is a 850-1k capable transmission for a quarter of the cost of the 6060. Im also going to add the pump for better frontal lubrication
  7. This is the actual link http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~davis/z28..._Fbody_T56.pdf
  8. 5k vs 2500 though.. for half the price ill take a 1000hp capable transmission that doesnt have as "refined" of shifts as the 6060.. Ill let the dust settle on the 6060 and snag one in a few years one the hype is played out
  9. http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~davis/z28/2010/100201_LS7T56/800-1000hp_rated_LS_Fbody_T56.pdf This seems to be the end all be all for the T56
  10. From what ive read the T56 can be adapted to handle big power for pretty cheap.. 30 or 31 spline main shaft and a oiling system for the front gears upgrade the syncros and blockers. But again this is just what i read. Sunny youve had the T56 apart numerous times right? what are you going to use for your new turbo build
  11. Your saying you where able to swap a tr6060 in your 280z with out modifying the tail?
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