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  1. It is heck getting old, sold my Z and now am the owner of a C5 Corvette. Took a while to find a new used ride but had to have some type of sports car.
  2. There are 2 flasher units on the drivers side by the firewall. One is the one for the emergency flasher and one for the turn signals. They are round and about the size of a half dollar.
  3. Buy the 140 and watch craiglist for a used Maxstar for Tig & stick. I perfer TIG on SS.
  4. Why do you think that a mechanical engineer knows how to weld? I am a ME and the only reason I know how to weld is I was a pipefitter welder for years before I went back to school and got my degree. I have 2 welders now an Miller Maxstar for tig and stick and a Lincoln 135 with gas for Mig. I really do no need an aluminum welder.
  5. I have one but it is in Arizona, but it is only the engine, intake and exhaust manifold, turbo, computer and wiring harness. $400 with engine stand. Year is unknown to me.
  6. Was this engine running previously? If you just rebuilt it your timing could be 180 deg out.
  7. For high RPMs 327 block and 283 crank = 302 Z28 engine. This was Chevys best high RPM engine.
  8. Please do no call it a roadster. Roadsters have no side windows, like the old TR3 had side curtains. It is really a convertible coupe. I have some books from around 1920 that gives this description. Have fun with the new project.
  9. I have a square port header with new gasket $60 plus shipping. Shipping is around $50 the last time I checked.
  10. Had one as a daily drive in Colorado 30+ years ago. Only thing I did on this high milage car was put a set of brushes in the altenator. But the car was evil on ICE and a handfull on snow.
  11. Isn't there something about cars that came from the factory with dual carbs being exempt in calif. I had a XK140 coupe years ago that was hit in a parking lot. I got the insurance company to fix it instead of total it by requesting that they replace it with another XK140 Coupe, after having a high school kid in a mustang rental car for a couple weeks they fixed it. Tell them to replace it with another Z with the same mods.
  12. Back in the 60s the cobra teams wanted to run the 351 cleveland and not the 427 engine. In testing the 351 was faster around the track and more drive able. But Ford wanted them to only run the 427.
  13. Sold the car, new owner put a V8 in it and it went through a tool box when it fell off of a jack. So no Z in my garage now.
  14. I was going to do a forced induction on 45 mm SK Racing carbs. My box is built out of 4x4 aluminum tube stock. Sold the car so they are sitting on the shelf now. Just realized I built the box over 4 years ago. I was also considering using it on CAI. I would also look at building a box for the air cleaner to get some positive pressure at speed.
  15. The way it is set up is if you have an Engineering Technology Degree from an ABET apporoved program you have to wait until after graduation to take the Engineer in Training exam and then it is the same wait as for everyone to take the PE exam. A regular degree can take it during thier senior year for the EIT. I really used one book the PE Referance Manual. If you get a change look at one in the book store. You will see it is just basic, plug and chug formulas, math based. Also look on Half.com and pick up an older copy of the book, it explains a lot of your studies better than in the text books. We had a young engineer working for us a few years ago from a major engineering college who graduated near the top of his class who could not calculate the pipe size required on an air line. All of his flow work was done in a wind tunnel. Show to me that he didn't have the basics.
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