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  1. The 240z sold but the engine and the associated parts are still available (see list) SOLD R32 RB26DETT (late model long nose crank) Tomei Poncams Tomei adjustable cam gears HKS Timing Belt Rb25 tranny and z32 tranny Push to Pull Conversion Parts Completely refreshed block and head decked and honed N1 Oil Pump N1 Water Pump Ferrea Titanium springs and retainers All metal gaskets (cometic head gasket) 2x GT28RS Turbos (Disco Potatoes) Stainless braided oil and coolant lines Heat coated exhaust manifold DEI Titanium
  2. lol yeah it has tons of potential, its just taken so long that i just lost interest with so many simultaneous projects and not nearly enough space or money these days...
  3. it is Union City, NJ
  4. Yeah there’s way more in just parts than the asking price, not counting any of the labor but it’s unfortunately time for me to move on and hopefully someone else can finally finish her up
  5. CAR SOLD **engine is sold** **Car is currently on a chassis dolly** If someone is genuinely interested, im willing to rough fit the suspension wheels and motor to get the car shipped. all parts are top quality, especially the motor, with a little bit of TLC this will be a monster of a car. Not looking to part out 1972 Datsun 240Z Clean title Rust free complete shell 2 dashboards (1 in VERY GOOD CONDITION) Nardi steering wheel SpeedHut Gauges EvoX recaro seats Takata harness 4 point roll bar Misc plastics and interior p
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Seats They're really tall so i needed to remove the old braces and weld in new (much) shorter ones
  7. You made my weekend, let us know when your FS is up
  8. Im using U-Pol Raptor Liner, which seems to be very commonly used as an underbody coating. Also ive never really heard anything good about the softer undercoatings only that the never cure, its comes off and moister can get underneath it.
  9. just like the title says im getting ready to get the car painted soon and i was wondering should i paint first then do the bed liner undercoating or reverse. any input would help, thanks.
  10. just did it a couple weeks ago one piece with the headers on, i did it by myself with a leveler. It can be done but i wont say it was easy.
  11. Quick question, i am swapping out the rod bolts on my RB for ARP bolts and im getting the rods re-sized. After doing that do i have to change out the bearings or should they be ok? Should i replace them anyways? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Is that with w/o speaker holes and window crank hole?
  13. I JUST finished going through this tiny slice of hell, after 2 days of soaking, air hammering, drilling, heating and cooling i had no luck NOTHING at all. what ended up working was a 20 ton HF press, a couple 1/2" grade 8 bolts and a mapp torch.
  14. that was my issue, i realized it the day after. i mistakenly ordered 280zx rotors, the correct rotors arrived today and fit perfectly
  15. do you know what the thickness of the spacer is suppose to be for a 240z?
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