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  1. if he doesn't have one, I do. Daniel
  2. If he doesn't have one, I do. Let me know. 


    Thanks. Daniel 

  3. If you are still looking, I have a couple of them. I'm also in Calif. Shoot me a text @209six622979 Daniel
  4. I believe I have a couple laying around. I live in Stockton, so shoot me a text @209six622979 Daniel
  5. I have one and I'm located in Stockton. Send me a text if you are interested @ 209-662-2979 Daniel.
  6. Well I hope you are keeping some kind of journal for when you pass this on to your kid someday. Besides the one that is here on Hybridz. 2 owner car, you being the 2nd one. That's why you would ship a car from America.
  7. I have an Rb20 5speed transmission RWD. I'm located in northern California. Daniel
  8. I have these, I believe they're out of a 76 because I was going to put them in my 75. But I ended up making custom brackets. Let me know if you're intrested. Thanks Daniel
  9. I have a rb20det 5speed rwd transmission that I was wondering what would be a fair price to ask for. Thanks for any input. Daniel
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