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  1. Can you post pictures of the bottom if the spoiler. The mounting wholes please. What hardware is needed to mount them? Thank you!
  2. I have a 1977 Nissan 280z and i have about three major problems. The first is that the car jerks really bad when im going really slow in all my gears especially when i try to accelerate slowly. i feel like its coming from the differential. I still have to replace he mustache bar bushings and the differential mount. i am currently replacing the u-joints as well. i just want to make sure what to do before i start spending money left to right. the second problem i have is starting up the car in the mornings or at any time when the engine is cold it takes me about 3 to 4 minutes just to get it to turn on. The car turns over and over but sometimes it doesn't want to catch on until i keep trying over and over. i checked my fuel pressure regulator and that seems to be pushing out 40 psi, and the fuel pump has been replaced as well. the car does not tend to have this problem when the engine is warm. My third problem is that when I'm accelerating sometimes my rpm's stay up really high and i have to wait for it to slowly come back down in order for me to put it into gear so i don't get a bad shift. thanks for your help guys.
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