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  1. Hi Im looking for a Subaru Impreza WRX STI 3.9 diff (2004/2005). Thank you for your message in advance!
  2. nice work, keep the updates coming!
  3. mr.mike

    Shakotan Z

    I love this wheels
  4. better thick than thin, it doesn't need to be perfect. You also can grind down the worst parts. Built not bought! Thats the way to go.
  5. This is my favourite build thread. Keep the pics coming. Cheers
  6. Engine bay clean up After glass blasting: Chrome powder coated: Before: After, also Pertronix installed: Only litte rost spot on the brake booster:
  7. Next, I wanted to finish an easy fun project. New leightweight battery holder for an EU-Spec battery.
  8. Hi Guys I'd like to share some updates with you: FS5W71C 240SX S14 5 Speed Swap: New Bellhousing needed, because I've got a early series 4 speed. Found here in the forum. Prepare for blasting: Fresh powdercoat: Ready for swap the housing, new seals installed. Next step, transmission mount: New custom driveshaft needed, made locally, did cost a fortune. lol Finished product: It was a nice and easy task. The only issue was to find a driveshaft shop... All the needed modifications did I find here in this forum and here: http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/240sxtransmissioninstall/index.html http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/128100-240z-fs5w71c-swap-using-fs5c71b-bell-housing/ http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/240SX5spd/transmission.htm Hope you like the finished swap too.
  9. Thanks guys! Next update is coming soon! I spend alot time with my sandblasting cabin and powder gun. I swear, this is the best thing I ever bought for my men cave. Finally I can dismantle some parts, clean, blast and powder them on the same day, so I can really make some progress in just a few hours. If you don't have the possibility to clean and powder your parts in-house, you have to bring the parts to a shop and you have to wait a few days until they finished their work. It slows you down... Also next thing I'm planning to do is to swap the turnsignal switch from a 280z. I'm tired of cleaning my original turn signal switch.
  10. After 16 weeks, the new wheels finally arrived: Work Equip03 8.5 -3 and 9.0 -8 with 205 and 225 tyres. After struggling to get streched tyres on, the Z finally stood on the new suspension.
  11. After all these upgrades, I really enyojed the car and drove it all the time, everyday. What a blast! But I couldn't stop and bought more Upgrades... Then I thought, I need new seats: After few weeks I bought a sand/glas blasting cabin incl. a powdergun... So the first things had be powdered: Things getting serious, so I bought something that I always wanted: Complete coilovers from T3, rear adjustable arms, positiv camber adjust. adapters and bolt on camber plates. Adding some personal style:
  12. Hi Z-Lovers! I like to share the story from my 240Z, which I bought 4 years ago in Bend, Oregon. This forum with the huge knowledge helped me several times, so thank you all and I hope somebody will find usefull informations here in this topic. A friend do own a Rebello 3.1 240z, this is why I felt in love with the Datsuns. In Europe, nobody drives a 240z, so it's really a rare car for us. One year ago I moved from Lucerne to Basel, Switzerland and I'm 30 years old. I hope you will enjoy this topic. First of all here are some Pics, when I bought the car. I bought the car via Skype and never saw the car in real life. A really friendly shipping company and some local Z enthusiasts helped me to get the car from Bend, OR to Switzerland. The car was shipped from Houston, TX directly to Bremerhafen, Germany. From there with a truck to Zurich, where I saw it for the first time in real. Arrived in Bremerhafen like this: It took 8 months to ship the car, until it finally arrived in Switzerland. Of course I was disappointed, because everything was "well" used. Unfortunately the headlights, hazard switch, stoplights and turnsignal didn't work when I took it for the first drive. After some research, I learned that these are the most common problems... so the story began. After I solved the first electrical Problems, I got really excited. Only had to swap the speedo vom MPH to KMH and change the headlights and turnsignals to EU-spec. Finally I can drive it! Then I bought the first upgrades: Rota Shakotan 15x9 ET0 with Fulda 205 tyres, bought from driftworks.com Really nice complete stainless steel exhaust System from Sean Dezart. New bumpers needed, for a better JDM look: I realised, that the car sits way too high, so I installed new shocks and springs, like all do. Then it looked like this... getting better and better!
  13. mr.mike

    Looking for a 5 speed bellhousing

    Hi, sorry for the late answer. Yes, I'am from Switzerland. It's hard to find any parts in Switzerland, so I thought, it would be possible to buy one here in this forum. I know, I'll have to do some machine work, but this is not really a big challenge for me and my friends. I'll contact you guys by PM. Thanks for your help. Best Regards
  14. Hi I'm looking for a 5 speed bellhousing to finish my FS5W71C swap. My car is an early Datsun 240z series one, with the type A transmission, so I can't use this Bellhousing. Many thanks for your help! Regards Reinhard