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  1. this looks amazing! I was already thinking of swapping in Stance coilovers anyways. Do you think there could be an option to have the Stance springs replaced with Swift springs? Edit: never mind, just read your website and you can use Swift springs. Chalk up another item to save up for haha
  2. You know...BenZed over on viczcar.com forums has one of these...I bet he could put a video up. See here: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,4235.45.html
  3. Jimmy, I've considered swapping in a BMW straight six, like the N54 (N52 too) if you want a more modern straight six. I was checking out the Ford Falcon in Australia, which would be pretty cool too. However, the most serious drawback is the cost, of a motor made in the 21st century, I'd say.
  4. it already is looking pretty mean! I love the paint job and sweet rims too. Oh yeah, that valve cover, man I really like it!
  5. Defi BF gauges picked up in the mail today
  6. I nicknamed the car Natalia after a model with fiery red hair...anyhow, I was really lucky and picked up this 1978 Datsun 280Z last June. An S30 has been my dream car since high school. I was originally going for something economical and powerful for an engine swap. The only engines I had really considered for it, weren't really a possibility. Then I was going to put in an RB25DET Neo. However, I think I will now keep the L28 and rebuild it, stroke it, and add itb's. Here is my list of completed upgrades: Energy bushings - all around Toyota (S12 + 8) 4 piston front caliper u
  7. So, I'm buying a 1973 240z shell, and the owner has a disassembled Chevy 350 engine, total price $440. I found the Corvette engine for $650, but it would have to be completely rebuilt. I'm looking for at least 280 hp, would it be cheaper, seeing as I'm a poor college student, to uprage the 350, or just get the Corvette engine and not upgrade it? Thanks, Joe
  8. Hi all. I am a college freshman at Norwich University, Vermont right now, but I'm saving up for a 280z project. My friend is a damn good mechanic, and he's going to help me, because I'm practically clueless about cars. Anyway, here's my plan, and feel free to explain to me what to modify: Any year 280z Volvo D5 engine- I was going for mpg/ power; this seems to fit the bill; I looked at the Volkswagen W8, but it seems to not be as powerful as it seems. I am not sure on the transmission. My dream tranny is a 7 speed automatic. I have heard conflicting stories on fuel ce
  9. this thread is awesome. I can't believe you got such a great deal on that car. I live on the East Coast, and Z's here are plentiful, but either in bad shape, or they're expensive.
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