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  1. I also have some 280zx Cv shafts for cheap ?
  2. Ser280z

    P90 head

    Looking for a p90 head complete or bare? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes it is producing 7psi of boost at idle, not sure if it's old autometer gauge reading wrong. will buy a new vacuum/boost gauge soon Cleaned up, thanks late night plus tired.
  4. So I got this 77 280z it's got a 83 swap bought it few months ago here in San Diego. When I got it had head gasket blow would turn on but never drove it. I put a new gasket on and had the head checked and surfaced with the intake and exhaust manifold p&p 3angle here are the Mod or thing it has List Original ecu 83 turbo and AFM with a intake filter Nissan t3/t4 turbo fat front monnt intercooler Greddy blow off Tial wategate 38 10psi Spring Fuel rail 440 supra injectors Fuel lab FPR at 36 psi at idle around 700 rpm 3in down pipe all the way back with hks hi power muffler Aem Wideband No power steering No ac No cold start injector Plus all the vacuum line were disconnected just have autometer boost line from intake and brake booster vacuum the rest are blocked off Msdbox Can drive it fine around the block. will turn on rev well in neutral sound good and healthy. once I go over 4K stalls it fall in its face. I have an old autometer gauge it reads 7 psi at idle and will go up to 20 pounds when under load around 4K before it stalls. Will install a boost gauge with vacuum/boost maybe the old one is broke Any suggestion thanks
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