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  1. do you still have ld engine for sale ?

  2. Depends on the amount of power you want to make.
  3. You know after the what big Phil went through I don't know why anybody would use lone wolf intakes.. stock intake will support 500+ hp proven by Jeffp with his extreme280zx page..
  4. Well if you guys are in need of a l28et engine and harness I have about 3 sets I could put together. I own 4 turbo z cars and 6 turbo engines. So pm me if interested.
  5. Thanks I will leave it alone.. I don't think I am asking to much given the fact, I paid 1200 for my 5 spd car and after tires, gas tank, fuel pump, fuel injectors, new fenders and hood. I'm in almost what I'm asking for my automatic. Yet I still don't have paint job and as nice of an interior as the auto car. So you couldn't build a cheaper car to this level for less than what I'm asking.
  6. I prefer fast over stock.. but what do you guys think the market wants right now? I am selling my 82 turbo automatic and I have had little to no interest. It is stock and in pretty good condition. But I have to wonder if I did a few things to it, like porting the intake, putting a intercooler and 60mm throttle body on it. As well as porting the exhaust manifold and building a 3 inch down pipe as I am doing to my daily driver 5spd turbo. Would it sell faster? Take a second and tell me what you guys think.. thanks...
  7. If anybody needs a diesel intake I have one.. pm me..
  8. I have one in Columbia sc. $150+ shipping. Or $450 ported runners and throttle body area for 60mm throttle body.
  9. It was done on both fresh new black top and old, with my 82 280zx turbo 116,000 original miles with ported exhaust manifold, 10lbs of boost,3.70 lsd diff, stock trans, and 215/60/15 tires. , one of the 4 turbo 280zx turbos I have. its only a 12.8 car right now but I have plans. Only time to build on it is the limiting factor right now. Header, T4 turbo, cam, custom Intake and fuel system next.
  10. I went with the rb flywheel and stock 350z clutch. I can bark 4th gear at 90mph. It has great pedal feel and smooth engagement to keep the tires from breaking loose on a smooth launch.
  11. It appears to be a 81-82 automatic bottom end with a p90 head. But it has a Isky 7181 cam with Arp head bolts. It was bought in Moncks Corner SC. I was wondering does anybody here know anything about the history of the engine? Is this a good turbo cam? What would something like this be worth? I am hoping I got a good deal..
  12. My email is Sonnyrvd@gmail.com please have him contact me?
  13. If you need more info on the BMW v8 swap my friend put one in an AC cobra replica in India. He uses the factory wiring harness for the engine I think it's a 4 wire hook up. You can find him on YouTube here He is also in FB. Hope this helps.
  14. Email Zprace@aol.com he can help.. I guarantee it.. You can use the stock na harness and computer.. My 280zx turbo is wired with one right now and is perfect and easy to tune and supports larger injectors the works... I run 12lbs of boost and can run much more. About to install a turbo header and t4 twinscroll turbo.. I will post pics for the doubters...
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