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  1. MatthewFreeman1

    Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    The plan is mainly just weekend use and occasion strip and maybe drift with it a bit because I have a welded r200. I plan on getting an LSD for weekend and use welded for strip. What did you guys use for a carpet kit with the flat pans? I think I’ll go with the 18guage then also
  2. MatthewFreeman1

    Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    I’ve read mixed feelings about stitch welding, and that the front and rear strut towers should be connected somehow. But everyone has mixed feelings about each. And thanks for he heads up for the pans!
  3. MatthewFreeman1

    Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    Sorry it took so long to get back to the forum, kid was born mid March so been busy with that haha and I’ve been doing a lot of research on best way to remove rust, DIY frame rails and floor pans. Thinking I’m going to use 16guage for both pans and rails. The original tank was rusted through so I tossed it, going to be using a fuel cell putting it in the spare tire spot.. how much reinforcement does the s30 need for 500hp and 500tq?? I’ve searched and searched but I can’t ever find a straight answer..
  4. MatthewFreeman1

    240z LT1 T56 Comfortable Performance Build

    Not to bring up an old thread, but did you make the rollcage or did you order it? If you ordered it where’s you buy it from?? build looks great man. Can’t wait to get mine up and going this summer!
  5. MatthewFreeman1

    Advice on plan for my 76 s30

    Hey guys, so I just picked up my rust bucket ‘76 280z. I could have spent a couple grand and gotten a rust free but I love challenges so I got this one instead. I’ll post pictures at the end. here is my plan so far but I have a few questions. Parts needing replaced: -floor pans - the z store -frame rails - bad dog (twice thickness) -350 v8 w/ 700r4 tranny or a T5 (haven’t decided) The v8 swap kit - the z store radiator kit - JTR thays the major stuff. I know I’ll need the speedometer cable, water temp connector for v8 to s30. I have picked up the JTR book (still in the mail). The things I need help with mainly hat I can’t find on any forum here, is what about oil lines and oil cooler? And tranny lines. Mine was wrecked so I tossed it along with pretty much everything in the engine bay. But here’s the car now, and what It will look like after a while.. I’d appreciate any advice!