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  1. Interested in purchasing Mfactory lsd for my r200 long nose differential, (depending on price). Sent you an email as well. Thanks
  2. Sweet build... any more updates? About to start on my own ls1/t56 swap into 1976 280z
  3. I would be possibly interested in one for my 76 280z... is there any Holiday sales going on? Thanks
  4. Just read through all 34 pages, what a great build and so much great information. I am about to start an ls1 swap into '76 280z. Hope you are doing well and still enjoying your LSZ. Again, Thanks for your well documented story...
  5. Thanks for your review, I will be starting LS2/T56 swap into 1976 280z, all this info is great to have, btw, what engine / tranny kit did you use? Paul
  6. Hey, I'm in search of front fender liners for '76 280z, and so far have Zero luck. Seems like no one sells them, and original ones are all broken and fragile Wondering if someone was able to retrofit them from a different vehicle, I don't mind if fender liner needs cutting, trimming, bending, drilling... (you know how someone at one point figured Toyota to Datsun front caliper conversion) Please let me know, much appreciated.
  7. Any chance you have these for sale still???
  8. Sure thing man, picked up an 04 GTO, it's been wrecked pretty bad in the front and passenger side but the motor/tranny seems good. So, big step ahead, now lot's of research and reading on how to make it all work lol. This forum and posts like yours are very helpful. Thanks
  9. Awesome progress, keep us updated... Hopefully LS1 / T56 swap for me in the near future, subscribed!
  10. Hello all, 1st post on this forum Picked up myself a 1976 280z and looking at getting new wheels and tires. Decided on Rota Grids V, 16x8 with 0 offset for the fronts and 16x9 for the rears. Slightly lowered but otherwise stock suspension at the moment... I've searched and 16x8 with 0 offset clears rears and barely fronts (strut side). So apparently rears have more room between inner wheel edge and the strut, would I be able to get away with 16x9 with 0 offset, or I have to run -15 Offset? Prefer to go with 0 offset wheel so I don't have to massage wheel arches much. Any help will be much appreciated, have a wonderful day! Thanks, Paul Found it, for anyone else looking for this - YES, 16x9 with 0 offset will fit 280z rear (with stock struts) Post by m1ghtymaxXx in the attachment below has an answer! Will 15x9 -10 wheels fit 280z - The Tool Shed - HybridZ.mht
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