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  1. Thank you for the gear ratio calculator.
  2. Great work! Will be following your progress.
  3. What are your thoughts regarding the wiring? On my 1974 260z Gen1 sbc that I am bringing back from the dead all the OEM wiring is brittle and not very serviceable, plus who ever did the swap back in the 70s really cobbled the thing together. I am about ready to pull the OEM harness and rewire using a "Painless Wiring Kit" or something similar so that I have good wiring and not a patched together mess. Really tired of chasing problems. Cheers
  4. Read the entire 34 pages.......great thread! Trackzpeed, thank you for taking the time to and effort to document your journey. I am new to the Z swap world and just starting the process on my 260Z with a SBC swap from back in the day.....Thank you for the inspiration!
  5. Beautiful Z. What size wheels and tires are you running?


    Thank you.

    1. trackzpeed


      17X9 and 9.5 -13 -19

  6. Very nice work! Please keep posting your progress.
  7. Welcome to the asylum! Looks like you are about to jump into the deep end of the pool. Began my build last July when a 1974 260Z with a 350 SBC / 350 TH swap from back in the day was acquired.It was in storage for 33 years and currently taking care of the rusted floor boards and fenders but otherwise the body is sound. Looking for a 1998 -2002 Z28 for a LS1 / T56 donor. Good luck and keep posting.
  8. Personally I would not buy this car based on the pics you provided. Better cars are out there.
  9. You could add a dedicated switch to turn the reverse lights on manually.
  10. Will share my experience to date: July of this year I acquired early 1974 260z that had been converted to a 350 SBC engine with a TH350 transmission. The car is a "barn find" was last driven in 1988 when parked for some unknown reason and the owner claims it was running when stored away, yeah right. Upon evaluating the car and researching where to take this project it has become clear that a LSx swap would be a vast improvement over the Gen1 SBC. Have not committed to doing the LSx swap yet but strongly leaning in that direction. Will get the 350 SBC running and see what I actually have as a starting point. Currently dealing with the fuel system that was full of 31 year old gas, very nasty, and the minor rust issues.
  11. Without a doubt the most amazing Zcar/LSx build I have seen. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are top level. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your build.
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