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  1. My 260Z swap was with a 1998 LS1 & T56 transmission using CX Racing mounts and long tube stainless steel exhaust. It went together great.
  2. Don't recall this being an issue on my project, everything went together and hasn't been a problem.
  3. Do you recall the length of the line from the clutch master to the slave? And did you use the OEM type connection to the slave?



    1. Richard Oben

      Richard Oben

      Not at all, found it on the hybrid z forum and bought it.  A bit long but works.  R  Sorry for the LONG delay, I never check notifications.  R

  4. Thank you keeping this post active. I am swapping a LS1/T56 into a 1974 260Z that was swapped "back in the day" with a gen1 SBC and TH350 automatic. The 260Z was a barn find that was parked when it quit running in 1988, 33 years ago. Have completed upgrading to billet suspension, adjustable BC coil overs, Wilwood disk brakes front and rear and 17" staggered 8" & 10" wheel and tire package. Need to get a build thread started. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Great write up! How are things going? Thanks you for posting.
  6. Really top level build........great attention to detail. Well done Makes my 260Z Street Rat look a little crude.
  7. idahoskiguy


    Old school SBC 350 conversion
  8. Thank you for the gear ratio calculator.
  9. Great work! Will be following your progress.
  10. What are your thoughts regarding the wiring? On my 1974 260z Gen1 sbc that I am bringing back from the dead all the OEM wiring is brittle and not very serviceable, plus who ever did the swap back in the 70s really cobbled the thing together. I am about ready to pull the OEM harness and rewire using a "Painless Wiring Kit" or something similar so that I have good wiring and not a patched together mess. Really tired of chasing problems. Cheers
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