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  1. my thinking is this. from the track to the street my su's with sm needles are just fine, they seem to pull better then they should {tuning}. case in point a friend of mine has 45's on his 240z with a 3.0 rebello motor {weber carbs} mine, 280z, 3.1 with su's he has head work, more agressive cam and such. at the 1000 ft mark on a track he only has a fender on me. close r/t's, close to the same speed all the way down till that last few feet where i know im lacking power due to head work, it's can't flow. the carbs are not the problem, they can be tweaked on and made to run a
  2. joe, just pull the cap off. then PM me, on here, hazcc, kcsr, zcar.com or my cell and i'll help ya with it
  3. here in kansas city we have two mustang dyno's we also have 3-4 dynojets i have gone from a dyno jet where my z did a 192 rwhp, to a mustang dyno where it did 162 now explain to me why this happened? i got it, the mustang puts more of a load on the car this was all done in ONE day, so the variables were not a factor. exact same tune, same timing advance, everything. there is a difference. also if the weight of the car is put in wrong, on a mustang it will kill the hp and raise tq. played around a bit on a mustang to see what would happen my car weighs 25
  4. the larger nut is for the fuel control you may need to adjust the floats, and set the carbs again. sounds like it's lean
  5. it's peachy on pump gas bub! i don't like running pump gas in it due to the huge different in power vs race gas
  6. sweet numbers who did the head work? what all was done to the head? i myself have a similar setup, and trying to figure out what cam, valves, and springs to run
  7. check the classifieds. i put it under the wrong section, it's under engine parts.
  8. i could sell you the motor in my z car 3.1 liter. 192 rwhp w/5 spd just a thought
  9. r200 with cv axles can hold it if you know what you're doing.
  10. ditch the stock efi pump run a pump that can handle at least 90 gph, or more. i ran a dead head holley red on my, and a holley regulator at 4 psi, or 4.25 depending on my mood and gas. it has 72 240 3 screws.
  11. the bad thing is., i have been around the maxima world for about 10 years now. i had a 92 se. "mildly" modded {ok that was sarcasim} what was done to the tranny. if you're willing to give away that info you can be of GREAT help to maxima.org id do the z32 5spd. with a nismo lsd. you'd have to do all sorts of things just shy of a tube framed car. cage, subframes, front rail stiffening. so on and so forth. id imagine you have about 5-8k in just chassis work alone
  12. maxima's do not have enough gear or sleek enough aerodynamics to run 200 mph. 180, yes. i did the same thing as well. lots of power, and lots of aerodynamic mods to the z will eventually get to 200
  13. the chevy tranny is a 3 spd auto th350 th400 im going to do the 400 and seveely build it. there is a few things i didn't list on the motor side that goes with it EVERYTHING needed to drop it in, turn key and go spank some people. im in kansas city missouri. so yep, shipping is gonna cost ya. im not fully set on price yet. i have over 3500 in everything i have done to it. as the more i dig into the rb swap the more i want to do it. and it seems people make it out harder then it actually is. the motor was pulled from a friend of mines r33 gtr, sat for a few months,
  14. see, the thing being, i can get the parts for next to nothing the motor im getting is free, doing a fresh rebuild on it. motor mounts are free oil pan is being custom made, for the cost of the supplies. cv axle swap in the rear is damn near free. the only thing i can forsee costing me any money is the hks turbo's injectors, and some other piddly things here and there. this is why im stuck on what to do. i love the 3.1, but my lust for 600 rwhp and silly 1/4 mile times still lingers. now you see the delima
  15. as it sits now, i have a 3.1 liter in my 76 280z. su's blah blah put down 192 rwhp now. good motor and all, strong, all i have left is head work and such. but my demila is this i was offered a rb26dett. for free. with turbo's, everything, minus harness. my thoughts, sell 3.1 and 5 spd do rb swap with 350 trans and some other goodies here and there. power fc system with the maps i need fo the turbo set up. i love my 3.1 motor, but the silly hp is starting to bit me again. and there isn;t much left i can do to the 3.1 to get where i want to be. whats
  16. the cam in the car isn't stock its power band runs from about 2200 to 6k. knowing the person who got the cam its a crane from victoria british. thats my best guess, i want a cam in the car that i know what it is. the motor in the car had 250miles on it when i got it. so as far as finding out true c/r right now. im at a loss as to it. it does have an n47 head on it. OH something else. where could i get some bigger valves at? if im going to build it, im going to build it once. no comment on the 480 lift cam?
  17. it's not a stock cam right now. im looking for something bigger. me personally, i was thinking of the msa/schnider cam 480 lift jobby. still half ass streetable and such.
  18. i know this has been beat to death. but search has helped me none thus far. my set up is this 3.1 stroker n42 block su carbs w/sm needles msd 6al blaster 2 coil carter fuel pump, holley fpr. compression is believe is around 10:2.1 right now. did a comp test and it came out 165 across the board. so i could be way off. im getting ready to have the head ported and polished {an e88}. putting bigger valves in it, and the whole 9 yards. what i want to do is this, it has to be some what streetable, i cruize around town at 3k rpms. i don't plan on running
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