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  1. Hi Guys, its been a while since I posted but I'm getting around to get my Z back up. I need to see if anyone knows where I can find this Water inlet flange that is pressed in on the intake manifold. I can't find the stock part number or replacement only some from the UK that are weld in type. I just need the stock one or a part number for any other car that is interchangeable. Any help is appreciated, photo for reference below. Thanks
  2. 240z ignition switch with keys, it's for a 260 but should work I believe. Please let me know if anyone has one laying around. Thanks!
  3. An idea , why not just wrap your bumpers with chrome vinyl should look just like chrome,
  4. Show N go License Plate I am in the process of mounting this thing on my Z.
  5. I run diesel Shell Rotella T 15w40 on my KA and 5w40 syn on my RB.
  6. Here is a most recent picture of my Z.
  7. IF anyone has a good working one for my 240z let me know thanks.
  8. Thanks for the info, looks like I will try to contact the seller and see what he can do for me. I believe HitachiUSA will also replace it. But I read from other guys the turn around time was about 3 months.
  9. Hi to all, well after 3 years of installing front 240z 5-way illumina inserts in the rear(Mr2 fronts, Sectioned), today when I was driving on the freeway my car felt like the rear was skating around when I hit bumps. At first I thought my front or back wheels were loose or somehow my suspension became loose. My car felt like when I first had purchased it and my shocks where all out, my concern is that my inserts are somewhat new and it sucks if they went bad. I tried pushing my left 1/4 panel up and down and I hear/feel no absorption from the sock. When I do it on the right I can hear the sock hiss and more stiffer when it travels up and down. I even adjusted the sock to setting 5 and is loose. Has anyone ever experience anything like this? Do this inserts have some type of warranty? Man this blows =/
  10. Maybe you have the wiring wrong on the signal lights. Wire with red stripe is for signal light and the other for parking lights. The third is common ground.
  11. i dont think it has to do anything with the engine, I have a RB25. And let me tell you, it still smells lol
  12. Whats going on Quoc? Been a while since i got my wheels from you lol. As for the Rottweilers all I would need is Beggin strips and there wont be a problem haha.
  13. I will be moving back to Cali, I will be staying Lancaster/SFV. I also got RB25det, i would wait for rb25 also.
  14. YES! that big bolt, cant find it local its NLA. PM'd Thanks!
  15. The big bolt that holds the bushing.
  16. 240z Rear control arm bolt. looking to get this asap. let me know if anyone has some extra or where i can get them. Thanks guys.
  17. Sorry about your loss. My condolences.
  18. I am looking for one tire, if anyone has a new or barely used one please let me know thanks. Yokohama es100 245 45 16 Yokohama es100 245 45 16 Yokohama es100 245 45 16 Yokohama es100 245 45 16
  19. I had removed all my AC and heater stuff but now that I moved to Seattle, I also have to think of something for those foggy windows. O found this interesting heater, maybe it can be modded somehow. 12v heater
  20. That sounds like a great solution thanks. Now you have anything for creaking back?
  21. Sounds like Mangan Midnight haha, the only girl that has ever aproached me was about 70 years old and she said she used to own a Z like mine lol
  22. Piper.(Better for training?) Christmas or New Years?
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