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  1. you'll have to ask moby, i havent finished installing megasquirt yet. red being power, black being ground is pretty much standard though.
  2. i wound up doing as i said and swaping the whole throttle body, i also modified my accelerator pedal to use the throttle cable from the 240sx, it took me all of 30 minutes and i think it cleans up the intake a lot. especially after i grind down the linkage mounts.
  3. i didnt assemble my board, so do you think i will have this same problem? when i was reading the "how to assemble pigtail" in the megamanual it didnt say anything about jumping wires. thanks, joe
  4. i bought the rs-autosport kit and the wires are long enough to make it to the car parked in front of mines engine bay if need be... i just didnt want all of those prongs soldered together because im not that great of a solderer. im curious why your setup would send weird signals from the heated 02?
  5. im going to use the 240sx's throttle body as there are about 10 of them in the junkyard.
  6. why doesnt everybody do this then? it is rediculously easier than making a pigtail.
  7. do anybody have a good reason why i couldnt just connect my relay board to MS this way.
  8. thanks moby. while im here, may i ask where you got your new turbo?
  9. is anybody using the stock tps?
  10. can i get this at a computer parts store or do i have to wire it myself? i think this should be included in the rs-autosport package. thanks.
  11. i paid rodney 2 1/2 weeks ago and still no MS. ive tried to email him 3 times, just wondering if anybody knows anything.
  12. search for leak down test, if you dont find it here try google
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