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Need opinions on rust repair


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Wanting opinions on my current discovery. PO had patched with an awesome combination of fiberglass and bits of cedar shingle to fill the gaps which was all undercoated over, hiding everything. Think its worth patching in new metal? Also half way considering a tube front end...other ideas?


post-692-037751700 1314992422_thumb.jpg


post-692-093459200 1314992436_thumb.jpg


post-692-056372100 1314992448_thumb.jpg

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The sheet metal in the engine bay has a few patch panels (some welded, some riveted), the main frame rails have some 90deg sheet welded over them, the floors have been replaced etc. The car has definitely had some work done in the past but most of it is in the open and no rust is showing through the paint or anything. There doesn't appear to be any patches in the rear of the chassis although I wouldn't be surprised if the body was full of bondo. Its going to be a autox car for the most part so it doesn't have to look pretty, I just want it structurally sound.

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Cedar shingle is one of the most structually sound woods on the market....


No really IMHO, listen to what others have said and it will probably pay off in the end.


If your still stuborn like I was then spend the 500 bucks to rent some equipment and sandblast the chassis and see what your REALLY hiding under all those areas you think are sound.


at least in this case you will know what direciton to take with the tube chassis or another chassis

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Do you have a trailer? Four of my Z cars are from the US. It's easy to import and you should be able to get a solid shell at the very least. You know what rust is like on a Datsun - whatever you can see (including the area where the holes are now...) as far as rust goes you can at least double it where you can't see.... There are typically two kinds of Datsuns on the Island - Rotten and Restored. I've looked at lots - they are all the same.

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So I took the drivers fender off to see what secrets that would reveal and...well...


post-692-009534300 1315866326_thumb.jpg


post-692-095356400 1315866310_thumb.jpg


I am going to give the rest of the car a once over for any more bad structural rust and if there's any there then I'm probably going to scrap it otherwise I think I will attempt a tube frame front end.

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Buddy, Have you ever check EBAY? I found one on ebay,yes the whole section from the rear all the way to the front tip. Brand spanking NEW! YES! I paid a pretty penny for it but i have it boxed and stored for if i ever do need it. You never know what type of an accident you`ll find yourself in. By the way there is a person here on this site that i highly recommend for all z related parts. He sure help me keep my Z alive and that's 1NONLYZ out in NEW MEXICO! Try to get in touch with him. GOOD LUCK!

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