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Damn, i should do that on my 280 with the tubed front, that looks like it would be easy with the control arm right there. hmmmmm :blink:


That is exactly what I am doing. My friend Matt (who is also on here, Goffz) is helping me out and bringing me some DOM tubing and we will be knocking out tubing my whole front end this week. Also couldn't beat grabbing the Lexus SC400 front suspension for 50 bucks at the local pick and pull... :D

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Wow, very cool project! You sir, are brave...


Thanks. I feel so bad cutting into this Datsun, every time I do I feel like I am killing a unicorn..haha. It has been a long build and I am just ready to finally drive this beast on the road. I know it isn't the best built Datsun s30 but it has been my best build so far. Almost there though. Last things to do is finish the tubing and mounting the SC400 suspension then make my new brake and clutch lines and she will be on the road. Of course the project never ends, there is always something else to do, something to improve, something to add, etc. Z's are never ending projects.

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Well got the driver side door stripped down to just the outer skin, the area for the hinges and the door latch. Everything else was removed. Weighs under 10lbs with a lexan window. The passenger door is next.





And I have a friend who is making me a killer deal on these YZ front fenders and YZ air dam and IMSA rear flares. Those are pictures of them on his car and soon to be on mine :D




Stay tuned for more...

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Well, finished welding up both the passenger and driver side suspension and she is rolling around in the shop again. Next up is to finish out the rest of the cage and some reinforcement tubes for the front tubing to stiffen and help take load out of the stressful areas. I will get some pictures this week and throw them up for you all to see. Enjoy

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