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Out with the old, and in with the new.


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Okay okay, The wait is over!


So yesterday about 4pm I get a call from the driver,

"Hey man, are you excited yet??"

Hell ya I'm excited!

"Cool, cuz I'm about 4 miles from your house."


So 10 minutes later my buddies and I are all standing in the drive way, and here is what turns the corner!


post-2977-072419900 1319389604_thumb.jpg


So of course I'm pooping my pants at this point, Its finally here!!!


post-2977-047933500 1319389701_thumb.jpg

post-2977-083152600 1319389741_thumb.jpg

post-2977-011556300 1319389765_thumb.jpg

post-2977-010093900 1319389988_thumb.jpg

post-2977-036640700 1319390008_thumb.jpg


So once we get the car off the truck, its placed on a dolly and rolled into the garage, and placed on 4 jack stands. Along with the car, I've also got a windshield glass, hatch glass, 2 door, and 23 boxes full of goodies. Once the driver leaves, I don't hesitate to start opening them up and doing inventory. There is a HUGE check list of each box and its contents, down to every nut / bolt / washer. So I start going one by one and checking stuff off the list.


post-2977-017760500 1319390087_thumb.jpg

post-2977-099933400 1319390102_thumb.jpg

post-2977-037932500 1319390542_thumb.jpg

post-2977-002542500 1319390125_thumb.jpg


On Friday my wheels came in and before the day was over, I mounted my tires up.


post-2977-001497500 1319390229_thumb.jpg

post-2977-005775800 1319390251_thumb.jpg


Tires are a 315-35-17 in the rear, and 255-45-17 in the front.


So even after staying up until 2am last night going through boxes and checking stuff off the list, I've still got a few more to go. This has got to be the coolest thing I have ever had delivered to my house!!!


See, I told you it wasn't a cobra. Its the Type65 Coupe. :wink:

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Haha, ya you almost had it right on the money. I was so torn between the coupe and the cobra. Figured the coupe might get away with a little more racing, since its got a roof. I also love the whole front end coming up when its time to work on it.


I would like to go take a tour of that place someday. Looks awesome!

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So it literally came with everything you need to put it together? Wowzers. I was looking at their price list and was like dang the GTM costs about the same, I should get one, then I realized the only difference it it's missing $17,000 worth of a corvette. :P



Right, The GTM is a one price, kit. (no basic vs. complete) Buy the kit and you get 8 boxes with it. Rest of the stuff comes from the C5.


My kit was a complete, came with 23 box's. Basically all I have to provide is engine / trans, Rear end w/ brakes, wheels / tires, and bodywork / paint. Everything else including every nut / bolt is included. I just finished doing my inventory count on everything, and I am VERY impressed with the packaging, and the detail that went into getting this kit dialed in. For the money, I think its a steal for what you're getting.

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