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~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

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Here's what got me into the Z world..this was my dads 77 280z. This is the first car I ever drove and first learned to drive stick shift in. My dad and I would attend a lot of the Z shows back in the 90's. This car was super cool when I was a kid, loved the sound of it. It was eventually stolen and recovered missing the wheels and some other bits. My dad sold it to a guy who was going to ship it to Europe because the market value for Z's was bigger over there at that time. Anyway, this was the car that put the Z bug in me..





In May 2008 I was able to buy my first Z. A 71 240z. It was a great car. I came across a local guy here on the forum selling his N/A rb25 motor swap complete with everything needed, motor mounts, driveshaft, wiring harness ready to go in. I paid something crazy like $800 for the whole thing. Loved the motor, decent power and sounded amazing. I wound up getting busy with life, traveling for work and didn't have time for the Z at that point. I made a poor decision to sell it rather than have it sitting in the garage. Not long after I realized that modifying a newer car wasn't any fun and I missed my loud stinky old car!












So began the search for another 240z. This time around I wanted it to have some more attitude, a little wilder.




Well I bought my second 240z yesterday, 7/30/2012. My last 71 240z w/ RB25DE was sadly sold and Ive been regretting it ever since. So I just picked up this 1973 240z, made 12/72. Here's what had me interested when I saw it a Fresno Craigslist Ad..









Color: Black metallic
Engine: N42 Longblock with STOCK 280ZX Turbo
Transmission: 4 speed
ECU: '79 280z
Suspension: Stock
Wheels: Gold DR20's w/ 0 offset, 2 inch spacers, Key Lugs all around
Exhaust: HKS Hi-Power exhaust, 3 inch piping from down-pipe and back

Other modifications:
-JDMSport Intercooler and piping
-SSQ Blow off valve
-New spark plugs
-Upgraded to H4 headlight bulbs
-Carbon Fiber spoiler
-Carbon fiber mirrors
-'72 Bumpers
-Fender Flares
-Custom Fog Lights
-Clear Side Markers
-FairladyZ Emblems
-Quick release steering wheel
-Slim fan

-Car Idles high at 1,500 rpm
-Little oil leak from oil pan
-Car overheats quickly
-interior needs help




 So I drove 4 and a half hours up to Fresno with a pile of cash to check it out. When I arrived I realized that it needed a lot more work than expected, which seems to always be the case doesn't it? I could tell it had some real potential.  I drove the car from there to my buddy's house 15 min away and parked it to later be towed home to southern California.


Here's some pictures I snapped at my friends house right after I bought her.






8/1/2012 Got the first of many mods to come, Great shape 73 seats & a black turbo valve cover






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"Some say that it is Japanese superstition that black is a bad-luck color, associated with sorrow and somber times, and perhaps this is why, initially, you couldn't find a black Japanese car on American shores for love or money. They were happy cars, painted happy colors. Think back, and chances are a candy-colored parade of Japanese iron is driving through your memory, with whites and oranges and yellows and greens and blues leading the field. The occasional brown would crop up, but c'mon, it was the '70's. Everything was brown. But there is plenty of evidence to refute the idea of black. When you make a profit, you're said to be in the black. In karate, the untimate rank one can attain is a black belt. Didn't Chuck Norris himself insist that good guys wore black? Still, no early Z-car was available in the hard to photograph, harder to keep clean hue." -Jeff Koch

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Welcome back to the S30's! I know you'll have it as clean as the other red one and your old B13 in no time.

Thanks wink.gif

I bought this misc. parts lot for $60 bucks with all sorts of good stuff. Now Ill be able to fix up my doors a bit and get rid of those painted door handles.

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