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Lets see your grill!


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I know very few of us have a stock front end. After taking the massive bumper off and adding an air dam to the front I have a huge hole in the front of my car that the stock grill only starts to cover.


What did you guys do with yours? Just looking for ideas.


Post some grill pics!


Here's mine - its an old pic, but still what it looks like. I installed the bent stock grill, but this is basically what I'm working with.

post-1147-055314900 1349633733_thumb.jpg

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I'm just rockin the stocker for now, with a gap at the bottom.


I'd like to go full billet. Put that on the list!


I've read (seen) on here where the 05? mustangs have the same size grill opening. Maybe a billet grill from one of those cars would work, or could be made to work.

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Here's mine , unpainted . Is yours matte or satin black ? Got satin black for mine . Hopefully , get the painted before winter . LOL




Please Resize Images to: 1024 x 768 pixels or close, before placing on HZ.

If you upload them at http://www.picresize.com/ or http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm

there is an option to resize them right on the website.

Thank You!


Please Resize Images


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Bumping this to the top. Trying to decide a direction to jump.


I'm thinking about ordering this mustang grill, if its the right style, and making it fit.






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Can't believe no one commented on this.  This is amazing.  Love the two grills together!  :D


Not a fan to be honest. I don't like how its just a strip down the middle, and then you still have area thats open - but with no grill.




and to the above - yes, I saw the one with the GT mustang grill. However, I don't want fog lights in mine, and I was going to use a V6 grill instead......

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