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  1. loy

    Update After a Long Time Away

    A friend took his to AMS in Gaithersburg.
  2. loy

    RIP Joel Soileau

    Man... sad news R.I.P.
  3. loy

    Coilover help in South Florida?

    Yes bc racing's camber adjustment is built into the hat that bolts in.
  4. loy

    What part would you like 3d printed?

    Thingiverse has some files.
  5. Recessed part should face inwards. You can install/remove it without removing the stub axel. Also, How long have you had the kit? At the beginning the mounts sent out were incorrect. I had to get the modified bracket sent to me. http://i.imgur.com/s24wrNG.jpg
  6. Fidanza flywheel with a spec stage 3, 6 puck clutch. There is more of a difference with the clutch than the flywheel.
  7. loy

    RIP John Coffey (johnc)

    R.I.P. Mr. Coffey
  8. loy

    Bride door cards

    Ebay has Bride and Recaro gradient fabric. It is nice to reupholster things. You can buy directly from China for alot cheaper.
  9. loy

    OEM Nissan Fender Mirrors

    Still available? If so how much?
  10. Take it to a radiator shop to get cleaned or you can try flushing yourself, will probably get the majority of it out but not all.
  11. Do you see the ignition output on the jimstim? If not then it is possible something wrong with the ignition driver circuit.
  12. loy

    z432 replica spoiler pictures

    http://imgur.com/boyNUT3 http://imgur.com/bVlMEiX http://imgur.com/v2nnJCC Please ignore the dirt. It's been collecting for a little bit.
  13. loy

    z432 replica spoiler pictures

    I have one from Classic Datsun I'll see if I can find some pics.
  14. loy

    Map sensor help

    Was it working before? Did the pads rip from trying to remove the component? Make sure the component is installed correctly. Check your continuity from the pin to where it is supposed to go. See if you are getting power to the correct pin. 53. The MAP sensor, U2 {MPX4250AP), is next. It mounts on the under side of the PCB, with the vacuum port facing the DB37 connector end of the PCB, and the markings on the sensor facing away from the PCB so you should be able to read the "MPX4250AP" marking when the sensor is installed. The leads are bent toward the PCB, and soldered on the top-side. The notch on the lead indicates pin #1 - this corresponds to the square pad on the PCB.
  15. loy

    Map sensor help

    NC is no connection.