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1976 280z just bought from family member for 700 starts right up need help on what to do first** San Francisco!!!!!

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How about do a tune up? like oil change, spark plugs, probably new wires depending on how old they look, Coolant flush, new belts if the look old/are cracking. I'd also check all the suspension, like ball joints and bushings


I noticed you said he added spark plugs and bushings. How long was it sitting though?

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A rule of thumb I like to follow is to replace fluids if you don't know for sure how old they are. They might still be good, but it's a good idea so you can keep track of exactly how old the fluids are.


Other than that, you have to start with any issues you might be having. Check for rust, vacuum leaks, filters, gaskets... There are a lot of things you could replace on these cars.

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Thanks. This is my second car my Acura legend was a lemon and was totaled. He added te bushings and spark plugs not too long ago about a 6-7 months ago. Before that it was sitting for awhile but he would always mess with is on the weekend. It starts right up. The transmission slips but we think its just the fluid. The brakes are ok he did mention it needed a new master cylinder. Is there anywhere I can find a good shops where I can buy after market parts? Or is are there things I should definitely change regardless of fluids. The rust is minuscule. A tiny bit on the passenger door panel. And surface rust on the passenger floor

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Buy a copy of How to Restore yourDatsun Z - Car by Wick Humble no matter what direction your project is going. Try Amazon, Black Dragon or MSA for source.


Download a copy of the Factory Service Manual (FSM). There should be a link in one of the forums.



Motor Sports Auto (MSA) http://www.zcarparts.com/


Black Dragon http://www.blackdrag.../zZxCatalog.htm


Many autoparts stores still sell a few Datsun parts, but the two above specialize in Z parts.

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Xenons30.com is where you want to start (downloadable fsm).


They also have the efast system you can download for part numbers but to be honest I don't recommend the efast system I find the scanned microfiche are too low quality. For figuring out part numbers I recommend: http://www.carpartsmanual.com/. They have great resolution (for the most part) parts diagrams.

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