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What's wrong with this picture?


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The first person to correctly identify what is wrong with this picture gets to call SUNNYZ a big fat, fatty, fatty face!  Hint:  it's not the double brake caliper.


BTW-this is MY car, my garage, my tools and, yes, my error.  (I'm just trying to get Josey's goat).


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And the winner is:  Domzs!!!!  With back-up kudos to rb26dettZ.  Stub axle bearing spacers on the floor.  I was doing the billet stub axle swap and forgot them.  Moral of the story is:  Don't try to rush to finish a project when your Mrs. is riding your hard to get to a party that started 15 minutes ago.


There's probably a lot more wrong in the picture, but that was the only screw-up.  Had to tear it all down and do it over when I got back from the party.  And the spacers were right there staring at me on a clean paper towel!  Reminds me of the time my dad built a whole engine, put it in the car, then my mom comes out to the garage and says, "what's that part over there on the work bench?"  It was the oil pump (and not on a Z-car, but on a VW engine that required totaly disassembly and splitting the case to install the oil pump).  I've got it back together correctly now, just waiting on one of the weird brake lines that the Desert Z disc conversion needs (yeah, I screwed that up too).  Thanks for playing "Where's Waldo", guys.  And I was only kidding, don't call SUNNYZ names - you seen the guns on that guy?


BTW:  I didn't circle anything and there is no rear sway bar on my car.  The missing parts are just missing because you gotta remove them to do the stub axle swap.  Good guesses.

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