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Is the bottom of your core support cut out, or is the foam sitting ontop of it?


Core support is cut out. I'll be making something to tie the rails together once i get the hot side finished up.


I don't want to have this happen!



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Project is on hold for a while. Winter in Iowa is less than pleasant, especially with an un-insulated, unheated garage.


Sooooo, I'm taking some time off from the car to make my garage habitable. I've already trenched in a gas line, and its nearly plumbed in. I've also insulated and finished the walls, and am half done with the ceiling.  Hopefully finish the ceiling this weekend, and start insulating (blow-in). Picked up a Modine Hot Dawg 60K BTU heater, so it should keep it NICE and toasty out there.  :icon10:

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Bends showed up today, so I was able to get to work on a couple small things. Started with my 3" to 4" transition for my downpipe. Bought this 2.25"-4" cone from columbia river, and had the v band.





High tech, precision scribing device




Cut using cutoff wheel on 4" angle grinder, and cleaned up





Finished Product:



Hey Sunny did you mig or tig that 3"-4" down pipe transition?

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Made a slight bit of progress on the car. Built a wooden fixture to mount the turbo where I want it. Now all I have to determine is height.  Cut a hole in the OSB, bolts from the bottom up, two nuts on top of OSB (to clear compressor housing), then the transition and turbo are set on and bolted down.









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Built the new motor mounts this weekend.  This is a kit I bought from Randy Ellis Design. Link -------->  http://randyellisdesign.com/?wpsc-product=110-diy-caged-bushing-tubular-race-motor-mount-kit-duplicate-2  


 Drivers side of the K member is hanging so they look a little uneven.




You can see how this really opens up the passenger's side for a downpipe.









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Those mounts look so simple and clean compared to the JCI mounts. I wonder how well the metal on the subframe will hold up at that location. It will get some good testing by you for sure. Looking good!


Thanks. They free up a ton of room.  I plated the rails with 1/4" plate to distribute the load rather than weld the tabs direct to the frame.  Time will tell!

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Time, my ass!  You better get to work-you still gotta get a cage built or all that power will be left on the shelf-no more one-run outings - we want a stack of timeslips!  I just learned that my dang cheap battery box is a NHRA no-go.  What's another $100?  Make that $300 - I'll probably go ahead and join the Braille bandwagon and shed 40-50 lbs.  Have to somehow offset the weight of the new bar (coming soon to a Z-car near you)!  The rest could come off my fat butt.  Love and frostbite from Alabama.

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