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I Dont Sell Tokico Products!

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For some reason a half-dozen newbies have hit me up this week via PM asking if I sell this stuff.  Not since 2011.  Nobody has their products right now in the USA.  Tokico screwed up their distribution channel 3 years ago and have not recovered.  They are advertising on LinkedIn for two or three manager positions so it looks like the key people have quit or were fired.


Buy KYB, Koni, Bilstein, Monroe, or STAGG.


Just don't ask me, I don't sell that stuff.

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Just for reference, for a slightly lowered Z on 210lb/in springs, what would a good damper be these days? Bilstein P-0032's arent available currently, and I've been considering the tokico HP Blues, as they are still available (listed as such, anyway) from some of datsun places.


Would the KYBs or Monroes (only the OE replacement are available) handle the heavier spring rates?

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