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So I figured I better get this thread started or it will never get done.. so HERE IT GOES!  :lol:


Last October I got deployed and the whole time while I was playing in the sandbox, I was pondering of what I was going to spend my money on. At first I thought I might just do an engine swap in my Subaru Forester and make it a quick little Forester STI but after searching all of craigslist for donor cars and ideas, I laid eyes on what has always been one of my dream cars... a Datsun Roadster. Unfortunately, the owner of said vehicle never responded to my calls or emails but I was determined that my next project was going to be a Datsun and so I set out to find my diamond in the rough...


This is what I found!!!








A 1977 280z on Craigslist which I managed to pick up for a steal at only $4850! The previous owner bought it and had the intention of dropping a RB25det in it and restoring her, but being that he was military, he got orders over to Germany and decided to sell it instead of finishing what he started (great for me).


Included in with the deal was a great deal of parts including:

1st gen RB25det engine

RB25 transmission

converted oil pan

converted oil pickup


Mckinney engine and trans mounts

NEW Wiring Specialties conversion wiring harness

RB25det ECU

intercooler and piping

2 ton engine hoist

spare intercooler

stock wiring harness

miscellaneous stock parts

full unknown fiberglass body kit

2 sets of bumpers 

original NISSAN 77' service manual

original NISSAN fuel injection manual

full original interior






First thing I want to do is get the car cleaned up and ready for the new power-plant. luckily, the previous owner had the same idea and he had already cleaned up most of the engine bay. Unfortunately, he also laid down some undercoating in the engine bay which I want to remove and spray with some rust preventative and smooth it out some more.





As for the engine, I have already started to remove and label most of the external components so I can clean, inspect, and upgrade. I currently have a Greddy style intake, and lighter exhaust manifold on the way. both of which will be powder coated.





OH! and look what I found in the glove box! a mint condition original shift knob, anyone need one?


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So today it's hotter than Satan's naughty bits but my shoulder is killing me....  so what better way to get your mind off the pain then to get greasy, sweaty, and bloody?  

Today I did some more engine dismantling and organizing. I'm still trying to figure out what color to powder coat the engine components but at least I can decide which components I want media blasted! 


flipped it over


Removed oil pan, scraped old gasket, swapped new oil pickup (old one left, new one right)


New pan (temp installed) I'm not sure how I like it.. the welds are very sloppy


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The other day I found a guy at my base who just bought a new media blaster. He offered to blast any parts that I needed done on the cheap! I brought him my engine mounts, trans mount, and a couple accessory brackets. I also bought new rb25 valve covers on ebay for $40 that I am going to have him blast when they get here so I can powder coat them. I just didn't feel like having my engine exposed while I paint. Is anyone interested in the old ones? I can blast and powder coat those as well.


I also spent a couple hours with engine degreaser and wire brushes on the rest of the engine to get it all pretty. the head was pretty easy to clean up but the cast block was a PITA! I never got it quite as I was hoping. next up powder coat!!!!









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Ok, so today was an easy day, all I did was tape off the engine, prime the block for some high temp paint, and I cleaned, gutted and inspected the interior for rust.



When I pulled out the original, untouched interior I found this stuff under the driver's seat in the hole in the seat mounting point. anyone know what this stuff is??


I was amazed that after removing the carpeting, there was no rust!! 




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