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1983 L28ET dizzy CAS connections


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I am building a turbo L28 engine stroked and bored to 3.1 litres with an upgraded turbo. I have the 1983 CAS dizzy driving my Microtech ECU and Igniter box. I don't have the wiring harness for the dizzy that has the Green, black, red, white wires from the dizz going to Gr/Ye, Black, Bl/Wh, Gr/Bl wires in the EFI harness. I have read every post on this and there are some that describe the connections that correspond on the dizz end to the colours BUT there isn't one that correlates with another, in other words there are CONFLICTING posts. So I really need to get the correct way round.

Here are the options I have seen. Looking at the dizzy four spade male connector box with the screw hole for fastening the harness on the top left corner.(see pic):

One post says starting at top left going clockwise: Red, Green, Black, white.

Second post says (same rotation) : Green, Red, Black, White.

Also, if I am reading the FSM correctly it agrees with post one above.

Can anyone Please help and confirm which is correct? Many thanks guys.


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