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  1. Are all bleed screws at the highest point on the caliper? If calipers get swapped left to right, the bleed screws will be at the bottom and you'll never get the air out.
  2. Is the charge warning light coming on in the voltmeter gauge? the alternator will not charge if that bulb is burnt-out.
  3. Glad you found the resources helpful. You may want to use a dedicated sealer depending on the color you choose. When you choose your color, many need a specific tint in the primer or sealer.
  4. I recommend filler after epoxy. Read the following: http://us.ppgrefinish.com/PPG-Refinish/Training/Training-Guides/Custom-Restoration-Guide Even if you don't use PPG products, it's a good resource on the steps from stripping to painting. Another good resource is: https://www.autobody101.com/forums/
  5. Without the year and model, hard to say for certain. Did you check the fusible links?
  6. Matt, Check out this video put out by Andy Whittle. The solution I came up with 5 years ago on my turbo ITB engine was a little more involved. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hpt3FkUcJnnSSQ9s2 I cut a FI manifold flange off and welded it to replace the flange on a canon triple carb manifold. I have 19lb/hr mustang injectors at the ports and much larger injectors in the ITBs. I got the idea from Joel's monster turbo stroker. Sam
  7. I would like 1 XL short-sleeve T-shirt in black Zipcode 70808 Thanks, Sam
  8. I have these in pretty good/usable condition. https://goo.gl/photos/nbf6ew3WX2LKHMcv8 Let me know if you need additional pictures.
  9. Where are you? What year Z? Which side?
  10. Sam280Z

    Ms3x install

    Agreed. This is why I asked for sources. I've searched pretty hard and have found no confirmation of a "fudge factor" or any other claims of inaccuracy in the PW calculation, intentional or otherwise, in the calculations. In my experience, Megasquirt algorithms perform "as advertised." That is, they produce results in accordance with their documentation. There are no hidden "fudge factors" to protect users from their naivety or inexperience. An overly rich condition can damage an engine just as an overly lean. I think I see the disconnect. The PW generator example you
  11. Sam280Z

    Ms3x install

    I've never heard this before. Which advanced forums? Can you provide a link? I've searched and read the MSextra site religiously for the past 8 years and have never seen any mention of these issues. The Req_Fuel algorithm that TS uses is here: http://www.megamanual.com/v22manual/mfuel.htm I don't see any "fudge factor". What do the other PW calculators use? One thing I do know is that if you want to get a good VE table, it is critical that you have a good understanding of your injectors. You must have the correct deadtimes and voltage correction as well as the correct
  12. Sam280Z

    Ms3x install

    Reqfuel is the pulse width required to provide a stoich mixture at 100% VE. It is determined by the flow rate of the injectors and the displacement of the engine. Getting it correct is essential if you ever want to change injectors and don't want to have to retune everything. VE is the proportion of air, relative to the total displacement, that is entering the engine under the defined MAP and RPM. With incorporate AFR on and a correct VE table, the fueling algorithm will essentially calculate the pw for a stoich mixture and then adjust the pw for the desired AFR. This allows you to
  13. I've had a license plate lightbulb burn out in such a way that it created a dead short. Talk about a bitch to diagnose.
  14. Never heard of gravel guard. I've had good luck with 3M products.
  15. I wouldn't use bedliner on my car. The pros use epoxy primer. That's what I use followed by 3m rockershutz.
  16. Sam280Z

    Ms3x install

    You're wiring them to the 3x injector drivers? They can fire batch or sequential. I highly recommend testing the injectors to get thier actual flow and dead time (/voltage curve). Knowing this for your injectors will make it alot easier to tune. Use the test modes in Tuner Studio
  17. There is some good discussion of injector placement in this thread and others: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/109975-turbo-intake-manifold-fabbing/?fromsearch=1
  18. Search for "flare fitting gasket". They work.
  19. If you're going to assemble it yourself, you will need the jimstim, especially if this is your 1st time.
  20. Nope. Not in this case.
  21. Check for slack in the timing chain. I have seen one engine that had a weird rattle similar to what you described. Turned out to be a busted keyway in the crank allowing the timing gear to slap back and forth.
  22. That's a 280Z pad and a 240Z wheel. The design changed significantly. I don't know of a way to mate those two.
  23. Kbnknkbvbvc v cx Sorry. Phone posted in my pocket for me.
  24. Not exactly $390 diff. With the pro, you also get the real time clock ($65), knock module ($85), and a registered copy of tunerstudio ($60). That's just $180 for a weatherproof product with better connectors and the additional products pre-installed (no additional work). The only downside for me is the internal sd card. Downloading logs can be time consuming.
  25. Misunderstood the post. It's an "S", not a "5". https://goo.gl/photos/ckXyNscKucK4ptdJ7 See my old post in this thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/91212-cracked-crank-pulley-worn-woodruff-keys-crank/page-2 I never did cut the register in the washer.
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