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  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase the corner pieces for the chrome window locking trim for both front and rear screens on my Z? I have searched known sites but to no avail. Thanks
  2. Being unaware of this thread before today I am pleased (!!!) to come across it and find that the maddening three hours I have just spent trying to match up my TTT front LCA to my modified brake and hub setup was not an unusual occurrence. I had already turned over the ball joint when I first installed it on the LCA but then when I presented it to the assembled brake/coilover I came across the problem. As I am lowering the car overall and fitting Roll Centre Adjusters my arm "just" fits - but its a feeler gauge gap! My front setup is cropped & welded strut casings; Otomoto HSD coilovers
  3. I am building a turbo L28 engine stroked and bored to 3.1 litres with an upgraded turbo. I have the 1983 CAS dizzy driving my Microtech ECU and Igniter box. I don't have the wiring harness for the dizzy that has the Green, black, red, white wires from the dizz going to Gr/Ye, Black, Bl/Wh, Gr/Bl wires in the EFI harness. I have read every post on this and there are some that describe the connections that correspond on the dizz end to the colours BUT there isn't one that correlates with another, in other words there are CONFLICTING posts. So I really need to get the correct way round. Here ar
  4. Wow, that worked a treat! I needed to brace the one side with a 2 ton press jack but two good whacks and its was off. Snap ring OK. Cheers friend. BTW these are 27 spline shafts - 30mm dia.
  5. Thanks - very helpful. I think it is a snap ring (shows one in the exploded view I have from the Z32 manual). That explains why it says it can't be dismantled but then shows slide hammer. Will get the big 'Omma out !!
  6. I am fitting the Techno Toy rear end conversion to my 260z. I have sourced the donor components from a z32 300zx but decided to shorten the axles myself as the cost of sending over and back to US from Aus was prohibitive. I have read all I can about this subject but i get conflicting opinions from both the threads on here and elsewhere and as there are a number of different axles / spline assemblies it is very type specific. My setup has an R230 VLSD with the 5 spoke diff stub axle outputs. These match to the 5 spoke CV shafts which are different lengths due to the Diff offset in the 300zx (
  7. I need the wiring, including connectors, for the output from a late 280zx. Turbo electronic distributor. This is the dizzy with the single circular 360deg plate with 6 x output marks at 60deg intervals which connects to the 280zx ECU and is driven by a splined driveshaft not a straight tongue. I need the 4 pin (female) connector for the dizzy end with it along with a length of the wiring. The other end is not important but preferable if you can split it out from the loom. Alternatively I would be happy to purchase a complete "engine section" wiring loom as I can use this in stead of adding b
  8. I am looking for a complete set of switches / warning lights for the centre console of a 260z/280z. With harness preferably but without is OK.
  9. I am looking for the 2 x plastic side panels that go into the rear compartment. Must be for a 2+2 (either 260z or 280z). They each have perforated holes in the lower corner and cut-outs to fit. I will take items with minimal damage as long as they are not split or cracked. Also, need them to be shipped to Australia. Thanks.
  10. Bought a crank with pistons, rods and bearing from Dave Rebello. CLOSED
  11. Thanks for the advice. Great thread BTW! Think i have settled on the Arizona setup along with moustache bar etc... Will let you know how it goes .
  12. Hi How did you settle on buying the techno LCAs? I am looking to buy also but am not sure which ones are the best / value for money and performance. The ArizonaZ ones look tremendous but as long as they do the job and provide the scope of adjustment needed then I am happy to get any type. What's your view? Thanks
  13. E30 head coming on a treat now. Will hopefully be flow-benching soon. Building a flow bench setup using a vacuum cleaner for the suction!! Does anyone have flow figures for the E31/E88 and N42 heads?
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