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Leather dashboard cover...anyone??

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Found this link on ebay.  Has anyone here by chance tried this product.  Would be very interested to hear if the fitment was decent or not.  I have limited experience with upholstery work and have no idea of how difficult this would be to install properly.




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Considering the effort to remove and install the dash is the same with any repair process, I will discount that amount from consideration. I discussed the relative efforts and results in my other thread.




As for results, it depends on the desired end result. I did the repair with the SEMS plastic repair last year only to have it fail due to my inexperience with the product and it short working time. If you are looking to simply restore the original look, leather is not for you. Better to use the Six 10 adhesive, texture coat and paint.


The leather adds an additional level of plushness and did elevate the interior. Additionally, if the brittle, 45 year old vinyl cracks again, no one will ever see it. The final appearance will not emerge until I have finished the minor touch ups and applied leather conditioner. So we will see the final impact soon.

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I used this and its very flexible. I can push in on the repair sections 1/8" or so and it doesn't crack. The only problem I had was it looked perfect after I did it. A few days later I thought I would spray some SEM vinyl paint on the whole dash just to give it extra UV protection. I had read on another forum to prime it first if you did that, but I didn't. it made the repaired areas swell up about 1/8".

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Would installing the leather onto a full dash cap perhaps be worth the additional expense?  Probably a bit more forgiving to work with, and reversible.  

For what it's worth, I think the leather cover looks great on there!  I bet it was a lot of meticulous work to get it to sit right with all of the curves in these dashes, but it looks like you took your time and did a very good job with it.  Well done!

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Thanks for the comment. I have heard that full dash caps can be a handful to fit really well. Leather can be stretched with water and shrunk with heat. If you have a free hour, watch the YouTube video I cited in the other thread. You will be amazed.


My only other experience working with leather was molding a holster for my pistol.


If you decide to go the leather route like me, I would suggest soaking the precut cover in water to allow stretching. Hold the wet cover I place with spring clamps, You can use tennis balls clamped into the three small gauges. Allow to air dry over the course of a day or two.

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