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Car is no longer charging. Can anyone tell me what the role of the Black/Yellow wire is, going to the voltage regulator on a 260z? According to the factory wiring diagram it goes straight to the interlock relay. Is it supplying voltage TO the relay or is it receiving voltage FROM it?




For context, here's the issue I'm having:

  1. I get 0v at the WB and Y connectors (these run to the F and N terminals on the alternator)
  2. There is 12v on the W wire at the regulator.
  3. The B wire is showing a strong ground.
  4. The BW wire runs inside the passenger compartment and becomes the green wires on the Tach, Amp/Fuel, and Temp/Oil gauges
  5. The BY wire connects to the interlock relay.

Still trying to wrap my head around those last 2 bullet points. I have to admit, i don't understand why those any gauge besides the ammeter needs to be connected to the voltage regulator.


Not sure if this is significant or not, but the BY wire reads .059 volts when the ignition switch is on. I am tempted to jump 12v to this wire, to see what happens, but i'm afraid of hurting the regulator, if it is isn't defective. Any advice is greatly appreciated! 0.jpg

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