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IAT install location L28ET


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Hey guys,


Just wondering if you could share your setup and maybe some photos of where you Installed you IAT Sensor? I am thinking I may be drilling and tapping a hold in my intake but that is not the most desirable route for me. Please share what you've done.





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I have mine in the cold start valve hole. its easily tapped.

Heat soak from Intake manifold is a problem with IAT sensors. It is recommended that they be mounted ahead of the throttle body for that reason.


With a stand alone system, most of us ditch the archaic Vane style AFM. Replace the AFM with a section of SS or Aluminium tubing and weld a bung into it. Perfect location.


You can get the SS or aluminum tubing in what ever diameter and length you need from places like www.SiliconeIntakes.com. The SS or aluminum bung ( 3/8 NPT for recommended GM IAT sensor ) can also be sourced there. Summit, Jegs etc are other suppliers:



Ghetto method would be to use some PCV pipe of the appropriate diameter to fit the Boots and tap that for the IAT sensor. 

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Silicon Intakes has an adapter that allows a threaded bung to be placed in a silicone or rubber coupler. I bought one of these and have my IAT mounted in the 45 deg elbow that connects my intercooler pipes to the TB. Seems to work pretty well and heat soak is no longer an issue, like when I had it tapped in the manifold. 

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