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Splitter materials

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Has anyone here ever worked with Palight PVC plastic sheet for building a splitter/undertray? Seems cost effective (48"x24" sheet shipped for $57) and short of a temperature rating seems up to the task.


Im just seeing who, if anyone has worked witb the product and seekng if its viable for that ise case.





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Concerns with plastic would be if heat will sag it, and if it's strong enough it's probably really heavy. I don't think there is a commonly available plastic that will work. If you want cheap, get 1/2" thick birch plywood. Birch is stiffer than the other types, even oak. You can buy a sheet for about $40 and replace the thing a couple times. If you're feeling ironic, stain it for a classy look.


Or pick up a NASCAR COT tegris splitter. I got one from Rousch Racing a few years ago. I think I paid $40 + shipping. It's woven like FG or CF, weight is simlar to plywood, but with a really durable wear surface. I would have used it, but was too narrow for my front end.


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