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GTR V-spec 240z build - AWD, RB26, Twin 28RS, blood, sweat, tears & money

RS Speed

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Gather around folks I'm building my dream car. Some may know me here, some may not. I've been building nissans for 15 years now. My last personal build started in 2009 on this forum but I stopped documenting after 2011. I just sold my entire setup to my best friend, which I also sold my 2nd 240z too.  So I'm starting to document a new chapter in my build. I tore down my black car and we are completely rebuilding my friends orange one better than ever.  The original setup was amazing, never let me down. R34 NEO motor, GT35R, Tein coilovers with edfc, clsd, axles, wilwoods.... etc.  


This brings us to my new build and it's current state on my rotisserie waiting to get massacred.  I'll post some photos and get this ball rolling  :D


Donor car was an ever so gracious R33 GTR Vpec, 90% of parts came from the same car.  I will be grafting front and rear sub frames into my Z chassis, including the AWD system, Brembos, suspensions (tein), Axles, Diff, etc from the GTR... I've even gone ahead and gotten the GTR pedel set and Master so she should feel as GTR as possible from inside.  Steering column, steering rack all modern and hydraulic (and left hand drive )  I've collected 90% of the bizarre hardware associated with the awd system too.   Also will be doing GTR gauges, chassis strengthening, new wiring, wheels, so on and so forth.... My old car was quite the track beast, I intend to make this one deadlier than ever. More so I just love building so I'm doing it :)  Grab some popcorn, this ones going to take a minute!











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Little update on the build. I've starting mocking up the rear subframe and stripping the entire car back down to nothingness.  Going to do new floors and tunnel, along with new wiring and modern fuse box. Hopefully I'll get the entire subframe mounted before I take off for my Euro trip this Sunday.   Speaking of euro... plates came in for the 6 :)









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 I've got the rear subframe almost mounted. I was in Europe for 16 days so I've only been back a week since the last update. Also I got a new shop which I'll be moving into so I can complete the project over there as my flagship build. I'll post some progress pics up later tonight.

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I am doing a similar conversion on my 260z. I am however going with a vk45 v8 out of a M45, and R34 GTR suspension and drivetrain. There rear subframe is pretty simple to do if you have knowledge in fabrication. I cut out the rear storage units and the rear floor section. The front is much more difficult, because the skyline subframe is much wider then a z. I completely cut off the front clip and made wider frame rails. I then cut out the flooring, trans tunnel and frame. Its quite a big job to do. Ill post some pictures later on of my build. Here is a good thread to go off of for the rear subframe that i kind of copied: http://nissanroadracing.com/showthread.php?t=3599&page=5

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New shop has been going really well but It's also cutting into my build time. However I'm getting better tooling and making cad  files for all the parts on the conversion so I can A) recreate another much easier and B make revisions to my current design should I find some issues. 
These pics are actually about 2 months old but I wanted to post something at least lol. 

Untitled 1

IMG 8546



IMG 8261


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